Innovative retail strategies

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Innovative retail strategies

Sunday 15 September 2024

2.30 pm

Outstanding use of social media and effective shop management: innovative ideas and practical strategies to prosper (once again) in the retail sector. 


Massimiliano Alvisi, creator of the Shop Survivor retailer training course, will reveal techniques for making a splash in the retail world today. The main topics will be: the professional use of social media to engage customers and create a community around the brand; effective shop management, from inventory management to staff training.


And Massimiliano Alvisi will offer much more, including innovative ideas and creative marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and make your shop the go-to destination in the area.




Massimiliano Alvisi

Shop Survivor

Having enrolled in a physical education institution, he realised at a young age that sport would be an integral part of his life. In the first two decades this took the form of active participation; later, it took the form of a metaphor for the allure of the challenges, goals and strategies involved in entrepreneurship. He was in charge of commercial management for several companies in the clothing sector (Loops by Robert In't veld, Messagerie, Massimo Rebecchi, Modae). In 2009, he held the position of General Manager for a major Italian distributor – Interjeans Spa, distributor of the Superdry brand. In 2010, he co-founded the Be Stardard retail project with Andrea Belletti, with more than 30 outlets in Italy. These experiences then led to an entrepreneurial distribution project named Sale 14. In 2020, Massimiliano and Roberto founded the Tooco brand, which in a very short time secured listings in more than 220 Italian premium boutiques, gaining a presence also in Canada, the USA, Japan, Germany, Greece and Spain. The combination of business skills acquired over twenty years in the clothing industry has helped him to create a unique training proposal: Shop Survivor, a marketing and sales training programme aimed at retailers to strengthen and disseminate values, products and skills, both online and offline. In 2022, he published a handbook for retailers entitled “I just don’t get clothes!', which contained over 141 pages of practical advice for entrepreneurs, consultants and collaborators in the retail world.