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14* - 17 September 2024
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DESIGN DIRECTIONS - Fashion Forecast 2026

The multimedia trail realised in collaboration with Poli.Design returns with the September 2024 edition: indications, ideas and food for thought on the evolution of trends and contemporary costume in the coming years.



To discover, learn, investigate and be surprised by the trends of the near future, there is only one address: Design Directions, the multimedia space hosted within Milano Fashion&Jewels and born from the renewed collaboration with Poli.Design. An area where the investigation of shapes and materials is combined with indications, ideas and food for thought to compose the guidelines to follow in order to identify the evolution of trends and contemporary costume.


Design Directions is an immersive itinerary that, thanks to the richness and liveliness of its contents, makes it possible to trace the guidelines for fashion jewellery and accessories for the next two years. A fundamental tool for companies and designers who can thus confront, ideally, future scenarios, with the aim of being increasingly competitive on the market and in line with the needs of the consumer to come. 



Mix-Up evokes an irresistible desire to explore landscapes, places and objects of fascinating ambiguity. The key to the mix is found in the use of seemingly traditional yet sustainable materials, the replication of objects with out-of-the-ordinary characteristics and the use of artificial intelligence to create deceptively realistic content. The theme of combination suggests an irresistible desire to get closer, to fully understand and appreciate the beauty inherent in experimentation. Mix-Up celebrates a lifestyle without rules, embodying the audacity of those who defy convention, constantly exploring new horizons. Here, different worlds - such as fashion and sport, art and skateboarding - mingle. The essence of those who inhabit this trend lies in their love of discovery, embracing out-of-the-ordinary experiences but always respecting the world around them. (Photo credit: Helga Stentzel, Ca-bear-net © Helga Stentzel)


Senses explores the deeper meanings of feeling understood as human perception through body and mind. The exploration is not only physical and material but also conceptual, creative and often messy. Here real and tangible but also fantastic and imaginary bodies are explored through senses that enhance knowledge, the result of real if chaotic and not always perfect experiences. Senses focuses on the human being, celebrating the physical body and accepting the inevitability of mistakes as part of the human experience. Aimed at a young audience, it favours simple and authentic choices, occasionally experimenting with more eccentric options. It values material, craftsmanship and the rediscovery of traditions. With a focus on body positivity and self-acceptance, a key element is the promotion of humanity, compassion and love for others. (Photo credit: Thandiwe Muriu, Colors of Thandiwe © Thandiwe Muriu)

"DESIGN DIRECTIONS - Fashion Forecast draws the guidelines for the next two years for fashion jewellery and accessories. Research that not only investigates materials and shapes but defines design directions to interpret scenarios into products capable of expressing their DNA according to formal, material and technical customisation. They are real guidelines that Milano Fashion&Jewels offers companies and designers to intercept markets and become competitive. "



ALBA CAPPELLIERI, Full Professor of "Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Design" at Politecnico di Milano



Fashion accessories trends are constantly transforming, influenced by the context in which we live and the eclectic creativity of designers: Fashion&Jewels since 2020 has been closely exploring trends to understand the evolution of consumer behavior.