Make it shine: the fashion trade shows brighten up September

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Make it shine: the fashion trade shows brighten up September

Excellence, innovation, trends:featuring 3,500 brands, the eight events dedicated to the fashion industry are a one-of-a-kind business opportunity for Italian and international players.

Milano, 6th September 2023 – A constellation of 8 major fashion trade show shapes a pattern in the September sky: DaTE, HOMI FASHION&JEWELS Exhibition, MICAM, MIPEL, MIPEL Lab, The One Milano, LINEAPELLE and Simac Tanning Tech will soon welcome buyers in a shared space of synergies that evolves season after season.


The gathering will tell tales of materials, machinery and collections that create a shared understanding of the contemporary world. On display there will be artisan excellence, innovation and trends in an ideal atmosphere, that intertwines the showcased products and their future market launch.


This is where heritage and talents meet, with a clear vision of continuity that aims to generate knowledge, creativity and value.


Green will be the common thread of the events. It is the green of sustainability, of environmentally- and people-friendly  material selection and production processes. It is the Green Deal of innovation, of a new growth strategy based on a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. It is the green of the digital revolution spring, a growing trend that must be pursued at a high pace. It is the green four-leaf clover, a reminder that a stroke of luck always favours the bold.


Our journey through the September trade shows will begin at Andrea Aprea's bistrot, a symbolic location chosen to host meetings between the press and the stakeholders. Here, the famous chef will expertly craft the flavours of modernity, combining aesthetics with precise culinary artistry. This informal setting is housed within the Luigi Rovati Foundation's building, which opened its doors in 2022. This institution is dedicated to promoting and enriching cultural, artistic, and historical heritage.


This ideal meeting spot is located in one of Milan’s hidden gardens, a distinctive green area in Lombardy’s capital city. This place, usually private, will be returned to the city thanks to the fashion trade shows, blending tradition and sustainable innovation.


The event combines the fashion world with a visit to the Museum of the Luigi Rovati Foundation, home to a rich collection of archaeological and artistic treasures, with a focus on Etruscan art. This cultural initiative charts a direct link with one of the founding elements of Italian style and craftsmanship: our historical heritage. It is also indirectly related to Etruscan fashion, which still today shows its vibrant spirit in the hues of sculptures and paintings. This is evident in tunics, cloaks, headwear and distinctive footwear (the famous pointed sandals called repandi calcei), as well as in the jewellery worn by both men and women.


What can we read in the stars of September’s trade shows? DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde, the event dedicated to avant-garde eyewear, will open its doors in Florence from 9th to 10th September 2023, followed by HOMI FASHION&JEWELS Exhibition at Fieramilano Rho in Milan,  from 15th to 18th September, dedicated to bijoux, jewellery and fashion accessory excellence.


Partially concurrent are the other trade shows of the Italian fashion system, taking place from 17th to 20th September: MICAM, the International footwear trade fair, MIPEL, the International exhibition dedicated to leather goods and fashion accessories and TheOneMilano, the Outerwear and Haute à-Porter Trade Show. From 19th to 21st September, Fieramilano Rho will also host three other events: LINEAPELLE, the international trade fair dedicated to the leather, accessories, components, synthetics, fabrics and models for the footwear, leather goods, clothing and furniture sectors, MIPEL Lab (an exposition format dedicated to the sourcing of high-end leather goods where international brands and designers meet leading Italian manufacturers) and Simac Tanning Tech, the international trade show of machinery and technology for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries.


The journey will bring together a total of 3,500 brands across the 8 trade shows, an increase of around 10% compared to 2022. The exhibitors who will join the experience come from almost every corner of the world. European companies from France, Spain, Germany and Turkey will be present in high numbers, and organizations from Far East and Asian countries such as India, Japan, and China will also join this gathering.


Over 45,000 buyers from around the globe are expected to visit the eight modern and diverse trade fairs this September.