Valentine's Day full of hearts, kisses and padlocks

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14* - 17 September 2024
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Valentine's Day full of hearts, kisses and padlocks

Seal love with one of its symbols.

For a new love, to seal a lasting bond or to renew a promise: Valentine's Day is an opportunity to reveal our feelings to those who have captured our hearts, swamped us with kisses or bound us with lasting memories. Don't forget all the passion-red accessories from bag to shoes, headgear and scarves that can become a lucky charm of love and lovers.



There are hearts and hearts


The par excellence symbol of love, a heart seals the deepest feelings: hearts with the initials of lovers, coloured hearts to convey the joy of love, simple hearts for the shy and hearts covered with crystals to shine wherever you are.



Lips yearning for kisses


Red and fuchsia pink lips stand out among Valentine's Day themes symbolising kisses ready to be given. A pledge that hides a burning desire.



Chains and padlocks to symbolise union


The symbols of contemporary pop culture thanks to the success of the book Ho voglia di te written by Federico Moccia. The young Rome-based protagonists seal their love by tying a padlock to the lamppost of the Milvio bridge, then throwing the keys into the Tiber river to consecrate their union. Thus chains and padlocks given as gifts tell of the eternal and infinite love, fearless of the future.