Men’s jewellery: a new business opportunity

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Men’s jewellery: a new business opportunity

When it comes to jewellery and bijoux accessories, the first image that comes to mind is of a ladies jewellery box brimful of rings, earrings and bracelets in a variety of styles and colours. But if recent fashion weeks and the street-style look we are seeing around us are anything to go by, it is clear that jewellery is becoming an important adornment also for men. Instagram has given this business a boost: how many times when scrolling through feeds on social media have you noticed photos of decorative accessories, presented as an expression of the style of its wearer?


It is no coincidence that – according to research carried out by NPD Group in the States – Millennials and Generations Z and X are the driving force behind the business, having brought about a sharp rise in sales of male jewellery. There is particular interest in what is known as urban mood: necklaces and bracelets with distinctive, identifying elements.


Purchases are guided by a desire for personalisation. Take, for example, the possibility of choosing from among many different cords and side or central elements (#GIACOMO4U collection by Giacomo Burroni); bracelets with spherical stones – onyx, agate, turquoise, haematite –often embellished with symbols that identify (MAN // COLLECTION collection by MB Milano Bijoux); or necklaces with a steel chain and spherical semi-precious stones as the pendant (4MEN collection by Aeffe Creazioni).


And this jewellery trend, bought ready-made or hand-crafted, can also bring out the collector in a man: models combined into compositions that can be added to or altered, or those based on the idea of look layering (a stratified approach that shows off an entire jewellery collection around the neck or wrist).