SereKu creativity and playfulness

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14* - 17 September 2024
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SereKu creativity and playfulness

Lego, Barbapapà and the seven dwarves become the subjects of colourful necklaces.

The most precious "treasure" for SereKu is imagination: in fact, all it needs is a few fairy tale characters or plastic blocks to create Bavarian necklaces full of cheerfulness and care-free spirit. Shapes and colours enliven the creations of this handmade jewellery label, a precious antidote against boredom and sadness.


From the very first piece, everything is tailor-made: SereKu was born from the need to give a special touch, ironic and personal to what one wears every day, a "twist" that breaks into the comfortable and obvious choices that we all inevitably do to go to the office or for an evening with friends.


It is energy, optimism and imagination, because it takes a lot of imagination to give new life to toys or to manually assemble everyday objects, often borrowed from childhood. Each bijoux attracts attention for its uniqueness: it expresses irony, personalising its look with boldness. Each piece bring up childhood memories, creating a special bond with the wearer and, for this reason, must be purchased instinctively, without too much thought.