TikTok and the future of short content

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TikTok and the future of short content

TikTok has revolutionised the way content is made and enjoyed. In fact, since its arrival, all other platforms have also included very similar types of content, such as reels on Instagram or Shorts on YouTube. But what differentiates TikTok from the others? How is it possible to create content that works on these platforms?

Federico Rognoni

Federico Rognoni is CEO and Founder of Atomical, a company that deals with Talent Management and content creation for new generations. Born in 2000, when he is 17 he starts working in the social world with very small customers to gain experience. In 2018 he opens his own project on Instagram (RonisBooks) that in 2019 also brings to TikTok allowing him to better study the platform. He starts talking about all the strategies used on Linkedin, where his first customers linked to TikTok arrive. In 2021, TikTok strategy 2.0 was released, the book dedicated to growth on TikTok for brands and creators. In addition, also in 2021 he held his Tedx on the power and threats that can bring social media. In recent years he has managed hundreds of thousands of euros in influencer marketing on TikTok and managing to open and manage profiles TikTok for large multinationals.