An area for each type of business

Four sectors, identified according to product characteristics, positioning and distribution channel.


The section that houses the jewellery collections - from fine jewellery to fashion jewellery - and where brands interpret trends with distinctive preferences and personality. Inside, the special area Contemporary Jewels.

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This section features a wide assortment of proposals and “total look” collections that creatively and freshly enrich the products offered by shops, department stores and specialised outlets for a varied audience. The area features: Fashion Accessories and Fashion Apparel.

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This section houses semi-finished products and components for jewellery, as well as a wide assortment of precious, semi-precious, hard and coloured stones. A world available to the creativity of Workshops, Craftsmen and Designers.

Int'l Delivery

This space is dedicated to the vast variety of imported finished and semi-finished products with a wide selection of proposals for the Italian and European markets. The area features: Jewels Int'l Delivery and Fashion Int'l Delivery.

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