Character-based choices see young people. Opt for costume jewellery.

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Character-based choices see young people. Opt for costume jewellery.

HOMI Fashion&Jewels has asked generation Z fashion and design students to put themselves in their peers’ shoes when it comes to selecting fashion accessories. The exhibition is ready to capture trends ahead of its upcoming September edition.

Young people are the most complex target for the fashion world. Fleeting and eccentric, critical and extremely careful not to betray their personality, the under 25s are a highly desirable audience for the creators of costume jewellery and wearable accessories.


Hence, anticipating the requests of new generations is one of the aims of the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, the event dedicated to costume jewellery and fashion accessories, taking place from 19 to 22 September 2020 at Fiera Milano. The exhibition offers a unique overview, offering buyers a great many ideas in presenting the utmost in style expression and the very best of current trends.


In order to spark discussion and anticipate that spirit of creative sharing and exchange for which the exhibition stands out, HOMI Fashion&Jewels contacted some young people studying at fashion and design schools to ask them, with their particular ability to combine youth culture and creative sensitivity, as to what steers young people’s choices today.


Choices very often steered by impulse and the continuous pursuit of wonder and originality are just some of the key traits that characterise the relationship between accessories and young people. If colour can reflect personality and mood, then shape suggests pairings with other accessories or makes an item better suited to one occasion rather than another.


And so it is that Leonardo, who is following a fashion design course in Milan and currently interns at a fashion house, states that he is most interested in the uniqueness of an article, in its originality, while he links colour choice to the personality of the individual.


In his opinion, attention to detail is something taught by those “subcultures” in which young people partake right from high school. The accessory therefore becomes a key complement that can also steer fashion style.


Colour is the most important variable for Beatrice, who is studying textile design in London, different shades representing the palette of our emotions. It is one’s mood that determines accessory choices, something that relates first to colour and then to shape, which must convey a certain uniqueness.


A visual design student in Milan, Eleonora’s philosophy is all about mixing and matching. She opts for accessories that can highlight clothing and other articles that are already part of her style aesthetic. In her eyes, the connection to an accessory is something immediate that should strike a chord. The article should be perceived as unique, created only for her.


Barbara attended photography school in Milan and is now honing her skills at a well-known institute in Milan. In terms of accessories, and guided perhaps by her photographer’s eye, her first choice has to do with colour, essential to her, and then also shape that, together with the “right” colours, makes for the perfect accessory.


Colour takes centre stage for Callum too, a media & communications student in London.  His choice is not about aesthetics, but emotions. Colour is a source of immediate attraction for him, followed by shape and the originality of the accessory as a whole.


More subjective than generational then, the fashion accessory must know how to act as “confidant” to young people. These particular consumers, attentive to all that is beautiful, show that they are open to a truly personalised dialogue with the various accessories, which must stand out from the masses and from mainstream style influences.


Choice is guided first and foremost by an eye for detail, which has little to do with brand prestige or the cost of an article.


And it is these unique items that will star at HOMI Fashion&Jewels, representing the very best of this complex but fascinating blend of personal taste and current trends.


In particular, the Style area will showcase the many companies that combine craftsmanship with art to produce unique or limited edition pieces. Additional inspiration and ideas will be served up in the Everyday and F+J International Delivery sections, which complete the range of finished products, added to which there is the Gems&Components area.


The exhibition will shine a spotlight on the most interesting results of continuous and sophisticated research by so many different creators and designers, offering an exclusive vision of the entire pathway, from the concept and creative idea to the selection of materials which, thanks to extremely advanced technical and manual skills, lead to the creation of unique pieces that are full of personality and ready to win over the new generations.

The next edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels will take place at Fiera Milano (Rho), hall 10, from 19 to 22 September 2020.