The accessory of the future according to the young

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

The accessory of the future according to the young

The new generation as protagonist at HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition identify the trends of the future with an eye on the present. The evolution of a trend has to regarded with an eye on the style of the under 25s.

Focus on the young and their choices. In order to understand the market, of course, but also, and above all to anticipate the future starting from the current state of the art in a lively, energetic and rich context of interesting proposals. Because anticipating and interpreting the needs and requests of the new generation has always been one of the main objectives of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, the event dedicated to the world of accessories that has just wound up in Milan and which, once again, has been confirmed a favourite and across-the-board showcase to investigate trends and put them at the centre of its study.


Fashion, bijoux and accessories as seen by the under 25s are the new stage of a creative examination to which the event has once again given importance thanks to the conversation with some young people from POLI.Design. The students interviewed were aged between 21 and 24 and ideal spokespersons for their target audience, to be able to understand what their choices are in this segment, what are the underlying motivations, what is the attitude towards the purchase of one accessory over another and the value of the accessory itself.


All this constitutes an essential food for thought that rewards, once again, the strong DNA of brands and creative people and the search for an indispensable inclusiveness, both in fashion and in life, which marks the triumph of an individualism ennobled by personalised objects and those capable of distinguishing a person.





This is the real trump card that is becoming more and more widespread: a piece of jewellery, a scarf, a hair accessory must have that little something that is different that not only characterises itself on an aesthetic level but can ideally be considered an extension of the personality of the individual who chooses it.


Restoring a strong communicative function to fashion, which, faithful to its primary purpose, can tell the story, describe the character and the essence of the person, is, more than a trend, a necessity for a generation that has made the visual element the key part of its culture and through this it creates a manifesto consistent with the mentality it represents.





What I wear, today more than ever, is a reflection of who I am: a complex being. And reality is increasingly sustainable, aware, eco-friendly and these are the characteristics that young people look for in accessories, which become a further selection criterion and, at the same time, something of value. Space for natural colours and the connection with the subject matter, the important and noble one, passing through the strong link with the world of nature and animals.





But what are the values on which today's and tomorrow's brands must focus in order to definitively conquer the new generation? If the heritage of a brand, its history and its traditions are still essential to leaving a mark on the present, the factors related to sustainability and inclusiveness are really a priority. For this latest trend, the ability of a brand to expand without degenerating is really considered a winning feature and an example for all is represented by the proposals in menswear, a sector traditionally lacking in variation, in which those who have in the past been able to be flexible and continue to be so, by expanding the proposals, varying the collections, using different ideas and materials, will have found the right key to understanding.


All this without forgetting the buzz in the world of accessories that should be funded directly by the so-called big brands, that is, the strongest ones - economically as well as stylistically - which should encourage their patronage to support young artists and, at the same time, give a boost of energy to the segment.


Do not ignore the past, consider current events in an inclusive and environmentally-friendly way, have a proactive attitude towards creativity: all this creates a story that has the accessory at its centre and that gives it an additional value, beyond its mere aesthetic sense. You put on a piece of jewellery because it is beautiful and because it has something to tell, in a captivating storytelling and in that continuous evolution that the new generation does not stop pushing forward.





And that’s not all. Under the scrutiny of the critical mind of the young, the most interesting results of the ongoing and refined research of the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition which, starting from the concept and the creative incipit, through the choice of materials and craftsmanship, have rewarded the stand out pieces present in the stands. What are they? In full coherence with what is expressed above, applause for the chosen materials of Little Nothing and her natural jewellery, made with lichens and native woods, for the workmanship characterised by the lightness of the hollow metals of Opus 4 and for the intrinsic naturalness of the rings and brooches by Mondo Colore.


Once again the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition becomes a privileged observer and above all litmus test of buzzing trends that are real, strong and a direct emanation of the main protagonists, investigated, in this case, in their most active and young sense.



The HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition will return to Fiera Milano from 20 to 23 February 2021.