Heart-warming Valentine’s Day offers from HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

Heart-warming Valentine’s Day offers from HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition

HOMI Fashion&Jewels, taking place at Fieramilano (Rho) from March 11th-14th, reveals a selection of bijoux and jewellery curated for the most romantic day of the year. Among the top-quality jewellery and fashion accessories are the latest designs, bijoux and jewels, all united by one theme: love.

Milan, 31 January 2022. Even jewellery has an air of romance about it this Valentine's Day. HOMI Fashion&Jewels couldn’t pass up this opportunity to uncover that touch of romance in jewellery, fashion accessories and bijouterie on offer, all united by one common theme: love. The exhibition has always been a key showcase for industry excellence and now it shares a more intimate, sensitive side which the creatives and artisans we’ll find at the March event have chosen to tell from their own unique and personal point of view.


Among these, 20 Celesti has gone for an ironic twist, creating bracelets and necklaces featuring a distinctive pouty-lips charm engraved with little romance-themed phrases, a playful take on a sophisticated, subtle, but characterful, accessory. Francesca Bianchi Design, on the other hand, has chosen the most iconic symbol as their jewellery’s pièce de résistance: the heart. From micro-chain necklaces to bracelets, including solid ones, and earrings, this small symbol of love becomes the signature of the whole collection, rendered not only in red, but also in pink, black and lilac.


Meanwhile Giuliana Di Franco thinks of love in a broader sense: love for one's local area, for a landscape, for food. She has chosen to share her personal idea of Valentine's Day with unisex engagement rings and necklaces with whimsical, unusual pendants such as hearts composed of sculptures of flowers or wreaths of lemons, or signposts with the words “I love you,” all created using the lost-wax casting technique and sculpted and painted freehand. And while Mad Tea opted for a collection in which little phrases engraved on the jewellery speak for themselves, Roberto Mantelassi chose to skip the hearts, the iconic symbols and the colour red, choosing simply to create unique pieces of great value to anyone who receives them.


Plus, selected by Tuttepazzeperibijoux, are the bronze, heart-shaped, handmade, lost-wax padlocks by L|UNA Francesca Maida and one of the many chic creations by DARIAPUNTO, a special vintage Japanese string, in red wool with vintage pearl. 


These and many other new products will be uncovered throughout the latest and eagerly awaited HOMI Fashion&Jewels event which will once again be the ideal time and place to meet up and create new synergies and new networks thanks to the exhibition continuously working toward curating a project capable of promoting the art of savoir-faire and shedding light on the jewellery and accessories of tomorrow.



HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition held from March 11th-14th 2022 at Fieramilano (Rho)