HOMI FASHION&JEWELS EXHIBITION: la sostenibilità è il “gioiello” del futuroHOMI FASHION & JEWELS EXHIBITION: sustainability is the ‘jewel’ of the future

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

HOMI FASHION & JEWELS EXHIBITION: sustainability is the ‘jewel’ of the future

The event returns, joining exhibitors and buyers on a journey toward sustainability from the 18th-20th September at Fieramilano 

Milan, 8 June 2021. Sustainability — social, ethical and economic — is synonymous with creativity, and with recovery too. More and more, a different attitude, one that’s more aware of our environmental impact, is seen as a means of emerging from the crisis. So HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has become a manifesto of inspired, vital and contemporary sustainability, increasingly broadening its approach and offering itself as a genuine environmentally friendly hub with real, solid solutions to urgent needs.


An approach the event adopted by virtue of its key role as a mediator and representative for fashion accessories, an industry that was hard hit by the pandemic and now sees sustainability, both environmental and social, as a fundamental asset for the long-awaited reopening.


This awareness came about during a very challenging time and was immediately incorporated by companies throughout the sector which have rethought the entire supply chain, focusing on increasingly green-oriented production.  A direct consequence of both the period and, more importantly, consumer demands that had knock-on effects for the entire final product, from its materials to its packaging. As it turns out, consumers are increasingly mindful and conscious of their choices.  All thanks to the transparency that must and always will be prioritised, so that even one single detail can become a discriminating factor and, above all, proves to be successful for company growth and brand awareness.


An ongoing process that HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition was one of the first to adopt, immediately aiming to host those who have made all-round sustainability the defining feature of their production ethos. A challenge that unites tradition and technology for a future that’s truly healthy, where environmental respect goes hand in hand with respect for the people who live and work in that environment.

Recycling, using salvaged or organic materials, availing of renewable energy and adopting vegan and cruelty free solutions are just some examples of the paths taken by a sector that can breathe life into a gradually more virtuous process while finding creative and ethical solutions that the market has learned to reward. And that’s not all. Putting people at the centre, focusing on experience and know-how to add unique cultural richness to the content of products on offer, celebrating that new, slow rhythm called for by fashion, and by life itself, that’s inherent in artisanal crafts.

And it’s the brands that have made sustainability their trump card that will take centre stage at the Milan show, conveying once more the versatility of their tendencies.


One of these brands has made material research its mission: Fusioni focuses on producing innovative, natural fabrics made from sustainable, biocompatible materials like bamboo, soya, orange, rose and milk fibre.


While bags by Spanish brand Casa Natura use recycled canvas, stealing the show with vintage charm. Maxi totes to multi-purpose backpacks in the trend-inspired collection with a green heart.


Besides, rather than disappearing, the past can be reinvented and repurposed, just like Nedumo Jewels does with driftwood from old boats, creating imaginative jewellery that blends the ravages of time with exquisite, unique details.

Social responsibility is another aspect of sustainability, which Thais Bernardes is highly aware of. For one of its special social and regional protection projects, the company has created a jewellery capsule inspired by the Amazon’s indigenous peoples and part of the sale’s proceeds go toward supporting them. 

These are just some brands featured in HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition’s digital community, #befashionandjewels where you can use the hashtags #BESUSTAINABLE and #BEGREEN to find businesses committed to these major themes.


In addition, the face-to-face edition is due to be held from the 18th-20th of September. The event will follow all the necessary safety protocols, offering the industry’s community a place to meet up and discuss, a clear sign of recovery for the entire market.




HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, fieramilano (Rho) - from 18th-20th September 2021