Seen at HOMI Fashion&Jewels 2020

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

Seen at HOMI Fashion&Jewels 2020

The exhibition is confirmed as an open window on the future: with so much innovation having been seen and heard during the latest edition that has just wrapped up.

The world of accessories is constantly evolving, and follows the common thread of experimentation which, with uniqueness and research, has been a feature of the proposals on show at HOMI Fashion&Jewels, at the latest edition that has just ended. There were plenty of opportunities for discussion and to preview the proposals.


Future trends were at the centre of the many meetings and talks and the subject of in-depth investigations with opinion leaders, journalists and sector experts. Plenty of space was given over to the theme of sustainability with behaviour reports, but there was no lack of focus on marketing in these times of social media, in particular Instagram, listened to by the voice of direct players, influencers and brand founders, where the fundamental role that photographs play once again became clear.


All of this without forgetting the product: from the fashion accessory to the bijou, from trendy jewellery up to beachwear, components and coloured stones, the protagonists were the new ideas, the creations with a strong tailor-made element that stretched the boundaries of craftsanship by transforming the accessory into something with the true capacity of always making a difference.


A bag is enough to give a twist to a look: a confirmation that is even more clearly seen at HOMI Fashion&Jewels and that is evident both in the most elegant, simple creations, such as the colourful bags with bamboo cane handles by Enrico Versari, and in the more original ones such as the bag with the built-in telephone by La Tilde, inspired by the Seventies and with a positively social character.

Sustainability becomes the prompt for a new creativity that makes the culture of recycling its own, protagonist of the belts made from bike tyres by Cycled and the Maiuguali colourful designer bijoux made from hand-crafted leather scraps.

It is in fact the search for materials that has been under even greater investigation, and brought to the fore by original jewellery, capable of using the most unusual textures and giving rise to unique creations. Thus, electric cables become PIG’ OH necklaces while blown glass designs the transparent jewellery by Barbara Proverbio; alongside the porcelain earrings with stabilised lichens by EG Eleonora Gherardi, the necklaces with the leaf-imprint and the bronze-bathed walnuts by Ester Bijoux and those in paper by Sciara Handmade.

And if fibre from a fig leaf is used, it is for the Origine jewellery sets, whose colours are reminiscent of the seabed, while the contemporary nature of the handmade jewellery characterises the necklaces by Christina Brampti.


An all-round experience was the feature of this latest edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels and lays the foundations for future events to explore.



Next appointment: 19-22 September 2020