HOMI Fashion&Jewels has lots of ideas for an unforgettable gift

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

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HOMI Fashion&Jewels has lots of ideas for an unforgettable gift

A birthday, a special occasion, an anniversary like mother's day, HOMI Fashion&Jewels has lots of ideas for an unforgettable gift. 

Among the many creations to be discovered at HOMI Fashion&Jewels is the perfect gift for a friend, your mother or the important woman in your life. 


A ring is forever, especially a striking jewel, like the one made by Arvyl Milano in which Italian craftsmanship plays with the power of stones and the charm of bronze. Barbara Proverbio's brooches are jewels with a bold personality that reinterpret the essential shape of a safety pin making it contemporary with the use of colours.


Accessories that are sure to appeal even hardest-to-please mothers are those made by Valè Jewels. How to resist the elegance of a minimal jewel with a precious touch?


Greek designer Christina Brampti's contemporary take on jewellery assumes the shape - and the heart - of bracelets that wrap around the forearm, reinterpreting the allure of ancient cultures, while others trace the way to the future on the wearer's wrists in the name of colour.


The Mediterranean inspiration to be worn on the skin will win over sun-loving mothers and is enclosed in the bijoux inspired by the Greek tradition by Antonia Karra and Artwear Dimitriadis. Super-bright accessories, with magical shades, are ideal for celebrating mother's day and herald the arrival of summer.


A jewel that encapsulates the beauty of nature is the leaf-shaped ring made by Ester Bijoux in which crafted gold is light, elegant and simply delightful. D.De Maria's earrings add sparkle to your loved one's face. Premium Italian craftsmanship makes the difference.


The handmade look is sure to appeal to everyone, mothers included, with the attraction of all things done well. Craftsmanship and know-how come together in Frangos's creations with stones paired with Swarovski crystals. The blend of fashion and craftsmanship is the key to Glam Couture's bold and exciting creations that are ready to dazzle all mothers. Colourful crystals, cabochons and Swarovski rhinestones - it will be difficult to choose your favourite! The evocative jewels made by Amlé reinterpret the goldsmith tradition of Campania and transfer it into individual works of art that have all the attraction of the South. Silver and more: hearts, delicate stones and personalised sentences write a new chapter in the most beautiful love story, courtesy of Joma Jewellery's distinctive craftsmanship. The one you enjoy with your mother.


The essential is invisible to the eyes. Except for the bracelets by Katerina Vassou Jewellery whose simple lines enhance the pure and pulsating material, raw and enchanting at the same time. Less is more. One leads to another, like the earrings of Femarjo and Maiuguali, where it is the difference that makes the difference! Silver and colourful details, elementary shapes and geometries obtained from skilful workmanship. A virtuous blend that will enchant every mother. There is all the knowledge of traditional goldsmith art of Campania in the sculpted rings by Maresca Officine Orafe. Timeless gems, symbols of a seasonless elegance in which the material acquires life and tailored energy. A unique piece, entirely handmade, in which the experimentalism applied to the material reaches unique levels, all enclosed in MidorJ's bracelet in a virtuous superimposition of fascinations.



Colourful, c'est plus facile. Precision craftsmanship comes together with the infinite chromatic nuances designed for lively women full of joie de vivre. In a nutshell, for a mother to whom Daf Design bags are dedicated. A meeting of different textures, like that of hearts, casts a spell amplified by the scenic earrings of NotForAll. Unique, customisable, perfect to wear on any occasion and ideal for a mother's day gift. Gifting a piece of heaven to your mother is possible with the rings of Origin Jewels that perpetuate the purity of the celestial vault in the glow of gold. As infinite as love.


A jewel that dresses the body and the soul is the necklace by Ornella bijoux inspired by a Renaissance collar. Wrapped around the neck to exalt femininity. An original, timeless gift.


Underground mums choose Spadarella. Grunge attitude that combines glam and rock. Marcello Pane's jewels are made of light elegance and worn with gracefulness evocative of family love. Sophisticated details and refined wearability is that of Airoldi with jewels and fashion accessories of exquisite beauty.


Creative reuse is the watchword of the PIG'OH bracelet that gives life back to wood by setting it between strings to become a contemporary jewel that will be loved by the less conventional mothers. Colourful crystals and silver links in a ring with a strong visual impact for women who love textile jewellery and unconventional style. Picking your favourite TMD Bijoux creation will be the hardest thing.


The next appointment with HOMI Fashion&Jewels will be on 19-22 September 2020 in fieramilano (Rho).