HOMI Fashion&Jewels: the relaunch edition in September

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

HOMI Fashion&Jewels: the relaunch edition in September


Save the dates: from 19th to 22nd September in Fiera Milano (Rho) with the new edition of the exhibition event once more ready to showcase Italian excellence, with new projects, special areas and reconfirmed participations.


This edition will be different, a symbol of continuity as well as of a fresh start, a veritable watershed between before and after. Numerous companies have reconfirmed their presence, to date the most significant message of faith in the future. HOMI Fashion&Jewels will showcase all the latest which aims to anticipate emerging market needs, catering to a rapidly evolving society. Once more such innovations confirm the showroom as a privileged reference point for investigating and discovering the latest trends in the jewellery, fashion accessory, bijoux and trendy jewellery segments. A unique event which will leverage its concurrence with dates of major events of the sector (MICAM and Mipel) to amplify the synergy of the fashion system, at such a crucial time for relaunch.


A physical trade fair which will welcome exhibitors and visitors in full safety. "We chose to maintain the physical format, adapting it in accordance with new requirements, to give a proactive and positive sign of continuity with the future. All this without shunning digitalisation, seeking out the right balance with reality, because interpersonal relationships remain at the crux of the business system and as such should be enhanced even further", Emanuele Guido, director of the event, comments.


A team of experts has worked on the protocol which guarantees safety at the showroom: from visitor flow management to the reinforcement of the digital network with its ecosystem of corollary services: everything has been developed to create a phigital experience to the greatest possible extent, a balance between physical and digital, leveraging the best of both worlds.


Reality and virtuality converge and engage in dialogue in a space located within the Fiera Milano Platform, the brand new platform dedicated to all communities of reference supply chains, developed in an integrative and innovative way.  #befashionandjewels has also been created, a project conceived to generate competitive strength, set to develop around a community of systems where all actors are at the same level. #befashionandjewels supports retailers as well as buyers and top visitors, an important decision focused on relations, building a new network for the industry. The digital community offers each company the opportunity to keep apace with sudden changes dictated by digital evolution and to become a part of a healthy, technological industry founded on business values. All participants at HOMI Fashion&Jewels - retailers, buyers and top visitors - are part of #befashionandjewels: the idea is to nurture relationships by sharing stories using written and photographic contents, so as to showcase the character of every single project. It is possible to discover how a collection is created, where it is produced and whether creativity has been enriched with a touch of innovation, which materials were used and details on the inspiring concept. A veritable ID card just a click away, even after the September 2020 edition.


There is also reconfirmation of IAMTHEMAKER, the project which gives a voice to makers – new generation artisans and designers, presenting their creations, telling their stories and demonstrating their professionalism. A project which successfully recounts the art&craft vision of the present and future and which distinguished itself in the previous two editions thanks to its comprehensive format which leads visitors to the very heart of the inventive process, creating a one-of-a-kind interactive path. This exhibition concept is the ideal platform for Made in Italy artisan creations, unique and original pieces, international experimentation and extraordinary, innovative projects, showcasing all their richness thanks to the words of protagonists.  A unique opportunity for international designers, distributors and retailers to meet and share ideas.


In September HOMI Fashion&Jewels will strike a note of continuity as an important platform for discovering and previewing new trends: from the romanticism of Amlé, Confuorto Gioielli, Pf Milano and Lebole Jewels to the extra-large style of Dago Jewels, Idandi and Carola Gioielli, not to mention the gipsy theme explored by Not For All, Ruedesmille and Mya Accessories as well as the return of the scarf by Camomilla Milano and Chakra.


HOMI Fashion&Jewels is a winning formula which season after season leverages the extensive and diversified offer, focused on innovation, design and craftsmanship, with proposals developed according to categories, price-levels, occasions for use and purchasing processes, to create an ever-growing community.


The next appointment with HOMI Fashion&Jewels will be at Fiera Milano (Rho), 19th-22nd September 2020.