HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition debuted today

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition debuted today

The event that confirms Milan as the fashion accessory capital is underway thanks to a unique proposal that unveils the latest market trends and prepares for a colourful future. A view of what the first day of the event brought to the spotlight .

Colour, colour and more colour: the trend of the future has a unique, super-rich rainbow colour scheme which, ideologies apart, is confirmed as the key to interpreting a future eager to grasp again a joie de vivre and to look forward to tomorrow with eyes and... colourful accessories!


What emerged from the first day of the event - taking place at fieramilano until Tuesday 22 - is a real back to colour, which includes a good dose of lively, bright, luminous colours that steal the scene and focus on their therapeutic, yet aesthetic power, to guarantee an all-round style. Colour power in massive doses also and above all on jewellery which, from the get-go, is pleasing to the eye and spirit, worn on the skin, and used to break the formality of the city look and to personalise the coolest of outfits in a vibrant way.


Do you want some ideas? Here are the proposals seen at the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition today.


A real fashion rainbow explodes on the décolleté with a cascade effect thanks to the enamel and glass bead necklace by Anna Lodi and becomes daring and emotional in the choker by Pigmenti in which the fired enamel technique enhances the natural, bold nuances. Colour again, with a retro flavour and timeless refinement becomes the protagonist of the necklace from Not for All in which the semi-precious stones are united with metal in a vibrant combination.


No limits to freedom of expression and style as far as the jewellery worn cascading down the arms to give an energy boost is concerned: worth a try are the tiny character bracelets by Milano Bijoux in which the brass, aluminium and brightly coloured Swarovski crystals are enriched with essential good luck charms.


All colour shades are found in the silver earrings with stones interspersed with hearts and stars by Luiber; offering unexpected material mixes, such as in the Nicitta pendants made out of cotton paper - simple, super-colourful, delicious.


For those who prefer to focus on a single accessory - colourful, of course! - the macro rings from Dago Jewels Milano are perfect, finely worked and immediately bestowing an up-to-date style at first glance.


For chromatic fashion statements that will stand out, you have to focus on a clutch bag to be carried in the hand, simple and stylish like the one signed by Joma Jewellery Katie Loxton, to be carried with all looks and in every season.