HOMI Fashion&Jewels: fashion accessory and bijoux trends for summer 2020

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

HOMI Fashion&Jewels: fashion accessory and bijoux trends for summer 2020

The HOMI Fashion&Jewels observatory reports some of the trends identified last February which promise to set the tone for this summer: maxi jewels, Mediterranean colours and traditions, and of course the precious art of recycling: accessorize yourself!

Whether minimal accessories or eccentric details, the trend alert for the coming season follows just one rule: the mainstream is out: style details, creations you can personalise, objects of desire, both mini and macro, which lend light to your look with attractive new ideas.


Never before has patriotic sentiment been so strong: a declaration of love for Italy and its history can also be expressed with unique creations which recall traditional craftsmanship and translate it into little jewels of fashion with a contemporary twist.


An Italian style made to be worn; the Mediterranean spirit that showcases colour and vitality, with accessories and bijoux that dare you to accept their challenge: bright colours, with postcard-like earrings next to others which explore the realism of form and new materials.


Creations which re-interpret the jewellery traditions of the Mediterranean senses and emotions, like the evocative earrings from Amlè - inspired by seaside landscapes of the South of Italy – and the elegant I love Sicily collection from By Simon, with its summery tones and shapes, or still the shellearrings by the Greek designer Antonia Karra that riminds to atmoshepere of the Mikonos island.


The creations of Alexandra Tsoukala by AIBijoux are an ode to creative energy, like her Shell bracelet: the Greek designer exploits the plissé technique to create accessories evocative of the grace, lightness and motion of dance. Or the bags by the Uruguayan Sole Rodriguez: each made with a specific, unique combination of contrasting colours and materials: furnishing fabrics, wool, cashmere, vintage silk ties and embroidered linen. The best way to be fashionable is, of course, to be eco-friendly: the keyword for the jewels sector is creative recycling, bending materials to new, unprecedented uses expressive of sustainability. And there's more. Material itself is the protagonist of a virtuous process which gives birth to creations with a strong identity characterised by a healthy creativity, as with the macro jewels by PIG’OH in which contemporaneity evokes a new concept of material. Colour and energy are also to be seen in apparel collections, with iconic, witty T-shirts from Identity and all the shades of pink and blue in the summer shirt collection from Au Petit Bonheur.



HOMI Fashion&Jewels - not just the number one meeting between demand and supply, but also a cultural hub for emerging trends: in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic, our research into new trends and emerging consumer scenarios is unstinting and ongoing. This enables us to offer foundational data and analyses in support of companies, brands and craftspeople looking for guidance in an ever-evolving marketplace.


The next appointment with HOMI Fashion&Jewels will be on 19-22 September 2020 in fieramilano (Rho).