#belucky: when a fashion accessory holds a special message

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho

Press release

#belucky: when a fashion accessory holds a special message

HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition unveils its new event part of the #be exhibition cycle, in collaboration with poli.design. The event focuses on the value of amulets and talismans in jewellery and fashion accessories.

Milan, 09 September 2021. HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition is back in its in-person edition from 18 to 20 September at Fieramilano (Rho) and renews the #Be exhibition cycle designed and organised in collaboration with Poli.Design. 


In September, the exhibition event will host 300 brands (30% of which are foreign) and will feature also the #belucky event featuring the designs offered by over 100 national and international designers and brands, including Cameo Italiano, Dodo, Sharra Pagano, Associazione Orafa Lombarda, Amlè, and De Liguoro, turning the spotlight on the importance and value of amulets and talismans in jewellery and fashion accessories.


These items are deemed to have protective properties, but also propitiatory and healing ones that go beyond their aesthetics and as such, over time, they have become valuable symbols of life, spirituality or character, in addition to optimism and positive mood. Neapolitan cornicello charms, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, elephants, Hamsas, "Greek" eyes and crosses are just some of the most popular symbols linked to magic and superstition. The brands featured in the exhibition have turned these mysterious objects, an inexhaustible source of support, into real bijoux, making them an integral part of their fashion accessories.


"Amulets and talismans are the first ornaments in the history of man, worn not for vanity but to call upon the power of the divine benevolence they held. In the past, just as much as today, they are protective, propitiatory and healing jewels, whose preciousness lies in their ability to combine the sacred and the profane, magic, religion, fashion and science in a symbolism that goes well beyond the decorative value of the jewel," explains Alba Cappellieri, from the Milan Polytechnic Institute.


The exhibition will feature three different sections. The first, rituals, with jewellery marking important life events, such as birth and marriage. The second, symbols, with specific symbolic items between sacred and profane, and third, materials, focusing on  those jewels that, from coral to amber and gems, bring with them apotropaic properties.


"With these jewels we wisheveryone a new period of health, serenity and prosperity after this very difficult period. A pomegranate brooch in brass and enamel symbolises the abundance of love and generosity that each person holds within but enclosed in a hard skin for protection; an Elephant brooch with raised trunk is a symbol of strength, patience, and memory; or the horns and number, since always protective against curses and bad luck in the Italian tradition, created for Moschino," says Francesca Tarchini of Sharra Pagano, at the exhibition.


Among the various charms, there is also the ever loved four-leaf clover, as a symbol of good luck. It is so popular that it has become the protagonist of precious jewellery or entire collections. Rare and special, the brand's four-leaf clover on display has become one of the most iconic and beloved symbols of all and the parent of the brand's lucky charms. Its unique shape, reminiscent of four hearts joined in an embrace and its charming "one in a thousand” message, have made it not only the favourite DoDo for good luck but also a symbol of friendship and love.


The exhibition can be toured from Saturday, 18 September to Tuesday, 21 September when the other events parts of Confindustria Moda will also end.


MICAM Milano, the international footwear show; MIPEL, a global event dedicated to leather goods and THEONEMILANO Special featured by MICAM Milano, a fair for women's haute-à-porter are all brought together under the hashtag #RestartTogether to offer a vision that joins complementary businesses, expanding the opportunities for all sector buyers.




HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, fieramilano (Rho)  - From 18 to 20 September

#BE Lucky – fieramilano (Rho) – from 18 to 21 September – access from Pavilion 10