Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho



Behind every creation is the creative and visionary mind of the designer who made it. With Visionaries, HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition puts the individual and his or her Vision first and welcomes in a customised space the many innovative proposals in terms of materials, shapes, styles and colours selected in collaboration with Poli.Design. It does so with an eye on those who best interpret the trends reported during the last edition of the event.


At the next edition in February, HOMI Fashion&Jewels will make available a new area that puts the individual and his or her Vision, the ability to look to the future and convey a true lifestyle through his creations, at the forefront.  A unique opportunity for fashion system operators to immerse themselves in an exhibition area that interprets the times and welcomes innovative products in terms of materials, shapes, styles and colours. Not only jewellery and fashion accessories, but also the interpretation of current events that allowed the Visionaries to realise their idea of the future


Visionaries is also the first event space designed for those who interpret the seasonal essentials and trending colours of the two macro trends: Too Good to Be True and Like Me, Like Me Not, presented at the recent September 2022 and beyond. It is an area where trends become a reflection of the present, creating a path with highly inspirational proposals in an always dynamic context.


The collaboration that has confirmed Poli Design alongside HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition for several seasons now highlights a very important partnership that can analyse and convey trends and create, for the coming season, a meeting point for buyers and exhibitors that can inspire them and be an incubator of ideas.


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