Three siblings achieve their dream, with Rue Des Mille

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Three siblings achieve their dream, with Rue Des Mille

How many people are able to take a dream they have and turn it into their livelihood and their future? One of the success stories that has come about and been developed at HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition is Rue Des Mille: the well-known Italian brand of prêt-à-porter jewellery that started out in 2013. It is now much loved by the younger generations and worn by famous influencers such as Chiara Ferragni.


The jewellery items (known as “billocchi” in Tuscany) tell stories and express emotions, by using the through the refined language of the fashion accessory. We talked to to Giacomo Pieroni, who, with his brother Tommaso and his sister Federica make up the Rue Des Mille family.


Rue Des Mille started out in a few square metres of space at HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and is now setting trends each season. When did you get your big break?


There wasn’t really anything you could call a “big break”: the growth Rue des Mille has seen over the past few years has been the natural consequence of the great commitment we have lavished on our project and of the growing appreciation the brand continues to enjoy with our customers.


What jewellery item represents you best?


We have an “evergreen” collection, a sign that some items never lose their popularity, but I would say that the carriage and the frog prince in silver, and plated with pink gold, fully conveys the dreamy, romantic essence of the brand. Rue Des Mille is always evolving, always on the lookout for new ideas: that’s why we like to keep coming up with new ideas and set new trends, to tell new stories and generate new emotions.


Covid-19 has put a severe strain on many companies. How have you reacted?


The Coronavirus pandemic has been a heavy blow for the entire system, but it was important not to let it become an excuse to stop doing what we do best: product innovation, communication and managing our dealers. During the lockdown we kept on communicating. Yes, we adjusted our tone to suit the difficult times we were going through, but we were a constant presence in the press and ran activities that got our community involved on our social media profiles.


How did you resume activities and what plans do you now have?


In terms of products, we have brought out a new collection that is particularly innovative: Jungle Tribe came out right at the time the lockdown was being eased, and that sent out a clear signal that our creative activities never stopped, indeed we took advantage of the situation to reflect on things and get stronger.

As for our in-store presence, we have decided to take part in all the sector fairs taking place in the second half of 2020. We believe it is fundamental to convey the message that we have no intention of stopping, just as the whole Made in Italy scene generally mustn’t come to a halt.


Tell us something about the Autumn-Winter collection 2020-2021


Despite the fact that Jungle Tribe came out at the end of the lockdown, it has given us a great deal of satisfaction. A successful collection that we will be revisiting for the new season…