From the Made in Italy to the new sales methods: in the words of the buyers

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


From the Made in Italy to the new sales methods: in the words of the buyers

Despite the international health emergency, national and international buyers have chosen to participate in the latest edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition so that they can see the state of the art of the fashion accessories segment for themselves, explore the latest trends and, as ever, collate visions for the future.


The energy of the event has been harnessed and welcomed by the same protagonists who show their appreciation for the Made in Italy creativity of this rich and versatile world, in which product craftsmanship always makes the difference.  Also and particularly in terms of trends, as Pole Thomas Pozlevic highlights, viewing the handmade - combined with a contemporary design - as the most disruptive trend of the future. An increasingly Italian identity, because it is Italian companies that continue to carry a strong and recognisable signature, loved and purchased around the world, particularly in trendy stores, as noted by Turkish buyer Najada Musa, who is pleased to have found the very best of Made in Italy bijoux all in one place.


On a landscape affected by lockdowns, jewellery purchasing methods are set for a return to the more traditional, moving away from the digital. Bijoux should be seen, touched and worn, and for this reason a face to face purchasing process is required. This is highlighted by Musa, but when it comes to changes relating to the consumer, increasingly orientated towards a more specific and customised purchase, the words of buyer Justine Kondziolka strike a chord, as she describes how she has refined her on-line store to reach as many consumers as possible.  Not everyone is convinced that the digital platform for the purchasing of jewellery will disappear once the international emergency is resolved though. One example is Cornelia Thull, who believes the on-line shop will continue to flank the physical one in a virtuous relationship.


The need to experiment on the market is also highlighted by Italian Jessica Simeoni who, in light of the strengthening of social channels, reiterates how the professionalism and kindness of the seller, regardless of the sales method used, is fundamental right now, at a time when customer needs, including their desire for unique products, must always be put front and centre.


But HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition is also, and above all, a window into tomorrow’s trends, with which to respond to the needs of a consumer who is increasingly attentive, informed and choosy. And jewellery will retain its place among the most sought-after and appreciated objects of desire, starting with rings, as well as sets, opines Angelo Pala, who was extremely pleased with the range he found at the event; but also spectacular and high-impact macro jewellery, the new hair accessories, and earrings, which always bring that essential touch of glamour according to Nathalie Razafindrata, who elects ear cuffs as the next winter season’s must-have.


Continuously turning difficulties into opportunities and not losing heart: this is the sentiment shared by buyers at the exhibition who, despite the events of recent months, have moved to endorse the innovation and exclusivity of the first-rate offering, while continuing to maintain a propositional attitude which, over time, will surely prove successful, as confirmed by Gaetano Aleo



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