Summer vibes: back to the roots to rewrite the future with the “slow renaissance” trend

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14* - 17 September 2024
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Summer vibes: back to the roots to rewrite the future with the “slow renaissance” trend

A desire for authenticity characterizes the inspiration of accessories and bijoux for the summer

What’s in for us tomorrow? A new renaissance, of course, as always happens following a period of crisis. While history is a constant reminder of this, fashion trends, an authentic litmus test, confirm the imminent period of recovery, where everything is destined to acquire a new and more intense light, a new vital and creative lymph. The notion of Slow Renaissance has been one of the macro trends highlighted by the recent research carried out by for Homi Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, which was analysed in aesthetic, formal, matter and innovation terms. All this starts from a fundamental assumption: the notion of rebirth, in its essential need to return to natural and social customs, hinges on a minimal and essential aesthetic, the apparent rigour of which instils confidence and harmony.


But that is not all. Everything takes place in an explosion of colours capable of giving liveliness and joy at a glance, thanks to the use of as natural as possible, sustainable and conscious materials that are the preferred corollary for a new conscious approach. And again, by means of a creativity that is combined with the wisdom of precious workmanship and expresses itself at its best in proposals that are literally illuminated by floral explosions.  Authenticity is the most beautiful adornment and the trends of the accessory universe for next summer are the perfect emblem to build a unique lifestyle to be experienced.





Renaissance created under the banner of colour, or rather, of colours, those of the Mediterranean Sea, the protagonists of Politano’s style signed by Antica Sartoria by Giacomo Cinque, which explode on clothes smelling of coastal air and preserve the memory of the natural yarns from which they come to life, accomplices of a unique and sunny attitude. A sea of... colour, directly on the beachwear of Bronseada, whose Made in Italy swimsuits are a tribute to a lively summer femininity, where hyper-seductive details make the difference. The same details that stand out on the essential lines and refined - and sustainable - textures of Fusioni garments, which are dynamic, innovative, and whose soul - warmed by colourful prints - hides an innovative essence obtained by using natural and biocompatible materials.  These cosmopolitan colours unite East and West, and become the mirror of Ghungroo’s philosophy: soft and oversized styles are embellished by Italian design produced in India and the result is a hymn to the inclusive physicality of every woman, made unique by a timeless ethnic chic approach. Sustainability ennobled - ça va sans dire - by the unprejudiced use of colour that characterises the creations of Karakorum, all made from natural organic fibres and produced in Italy, India and the Philippines to wear some Eastern air.





In the awareness that we are also facing a new Renaissance in style, the most natural possible materials are preferred, such as straw, the true protagonist of bags and accessories designed to be the key pieces of the season, and recycled textures. But what is the trait d’union between different inspirations and brands? Oversize volumes, which impose themselves without compromise and exalt workmanship and detail. All-over fringes or shell inserts on the oval maxi bags by Alessia Massimo, companions in town, and not only on the beach, with the sophisticated and fancy touch from which they come to life, for example. For an endless summer, like the Greek summer that literally shines in all its essence in Ble's collections, particularly in its straw bags that preserve the enchanting tones of the Aegean Sea and incorporate the secret of crafts capable of expressing their heritage and sublimating it in the name of wonder.  Sustainability can be worn, or rather, carried on your shoulders, thanks to the bags designed by the Spanish brand Casa Natura, where recycled canvas is used to create styles with a vintage charm - and a green heart. Perfect for the beach but also for city streets, they convey messages that are a manifesto of awareness and style. Made in Sicily, the land of origin of their designer, traditional Sicilian Danié’s baskets are handmade bags created by blending perfectly tradition and innovation, with curina, a vegetable material obtained from palm trees, combined with lace, trimmings, mirrors and sequins - accessories that do not go unnoticed.





To celebrate the new renaissance comme il faut, we need plenty of flowers, which are also a good omen for the times to come. Well aware of this, Camomilla chose a floral inspiration to literally immerse her delightfully yellow backpack, embellished with feminine leather details on the fastenings and straps.


The same cheerful sophistication also characterizes the mini-kaftan dresses by Colore di Mare, which expand the summer to infinity with its large floral patterns on striped textures that lengthen the silhouette without constricting it and create an awfully glam effect. And Goa Sola Andata chose flowers filled with history to express its intense savoir faire and give a unique touch of handmade appliqués to the micro denim vest: the Bohemian taste, the magically intertwined colours, the embroideries and decorations transferred from the Eastern world are imaginative. Boho, but with flowers on tops, dresses and... on the heart! It is not crazy, it's just the DNA of Luna LLena, the Spanish brand that elected the joie de vivre as its signature in floral pattern styles that explore irresistible options. Seductive, precious, delicate: it looks like a flower but it is lace, one of the most beloved trends of all time, which returns powerfully on the skin of the hottest season with Mastro Moda Positano's dresses, the all-time ambassador of an all-round Mediterranean spirit.