Sustainability: a core value for HOMI Fashion&Jewels

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Sustainability: a core value for HOMI Fashion&Jewels

Sustainability and a focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) topics are core elements of the event strategy.

HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition focuses greatly on sustainability and in particular on all the activities related to reducing the environmental footprint of trade fair events.


Last September's edition was certified "carbon neutral" because  all the CO2 emissions produced were entirely neutralised by investing in the environmental project "Photovoltaic Power Project", a green energy development project where HOMI Fashion &Jewels/Fiera Milano supported the construction of photovoltaic panels in the Maharashtra area (India), promoting access to green energy for local populations.


Thus the event started assessing the environmental footprint of trade fair events held in Fiera Milano's exhibition spaces, in collaboration with Rete Clima.


But there are many protagonists at Homi Fashion&Jewels committed to making products with a focus on sustainable development, environmental respect or social responsibility . In fact, during the recent September edition, the event hosted several companies that, for example, offered accessories created using exclusively waste and recycled materials ranging from backpacks created with mosquito nets or fishing nets, to collections of bags and accessories using only end-of-life fabric materials or obtained from the recycling of PET bottles.


And for exhibitors that have manufacturing plants in more distant lands, such as Vietnam, commitment comes in the form of checking and monitoring full compliance with workers' health and safety rules including ensuring a fair and reasonable profit to support anti-poverty projects in the poorest communities.


And finally, exhibitors who have set up a production and distribution process that can neutralise CO2 production through the purchase of 'carbon' credits by supporting carbon neutrality paths (planting, forestation, etc.) to then deliver a certified “green experience” product.