A hellenic wind blows through the jewellery at Milano Fashion&Jewels

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


A hellenic wind blows through the jewellery at Milano Fashion&Jewels

Offerings from Greek brands blend nods to the past with touches of modernity.

We cannot disregard a past where myth and history are intricately entwined, but instead should revisit it through a modern lens, imbuing it with deeper meaning: this, without doubt, is a key feature of today’s Greek jewellery brands. How could it be any other way? A rich historical legacy and a contemporary pulse are dual facets of the jewellery designs of many Greek brands showcased at Milano Fashion&Jewels. The result is a strikingly artistic fusion of the defining characteristics of Hellenic jewellery and contemporary styles: these are pieces that communicate not solely through the beauty of their craftsmanship and the materials that give them form, but also through the deep-seated significance historically inherent in Greek jewellery. This is jewellery inspired by age-old traditions, meticulously and passionately handcrafted using the finest techniques and noblest alloys, bestowing an air of divinity on the wearer. It is no accident that the diverse array of creations showcased at the exhibition represent a foundational versatility – both material and artistic – which enables them to resonate perfectly within the various exhibition spaces. From the haute couture selections presented in 'Jewellery for Fashion' to everyday offerings suited for casual attire, each piece of jewellery demonstrates the exceptional capacity to redefine the contemporary aesthetic.


Highlights include a fresh concept of urban sophistication in dialogue with nature's marvels from Athens-based Agapis, brought to life through the use of gold and silver, and the captivating use of colour that Art Wear Dimitriadis offers in a rich mosaic of rings, bracelets, earrings and even hair accessories. Kalliope's distinctive touch echoes the triumph of Hellenic minimalism, captivated by slender lines and metallic interplays found in Catherine Bijoux's designs. Her jewellery draws inspiration from native art, similar to Hara Karamihali's pieces, which are meticulously hand-crocheted using gold and silver-plated threads, and adorned with stones. Pure geometry and ultra-modern silhouettes underpin the distinctiveness of Christina Brampti Contemporary Jewelry’s range, while Dora Haralambaki's collections are characterised by a passionate interplay of art that deftly navigates between various materials. All of which offer a way to communicate wordlessly, using only what lies against your skin.