A return to nature, through animal-inspired collections

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14* - 17 September 2024
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A return to nature, through animal-inspired collections

2020 has very much been a year in which animals have come back into prominence: hares, and even deer have been seen in towns and cities, preserving the ecosystem by ensuring a balance between its plants and creatures. 


And so the world of accessories has rediscovered the animal theme, revelling in the wildest, most irreverent aspect, and focusing on playful, exuberant forms, often presented in a pop-art style. Birds, butterflies, snails, fish, frogs and hedgehogs have all been used to create charms that personalise the look and add a certain character.


The animal theme has found its way into various bijoux brands, each label coming up with its own creative and stylistic interpretation. Versari Accessories (selected by Tuttepazzeperibijoux) presents funny & girlie animals, amusing enamelled pendants in pastel or rainbow colours. Dieci Bijoux, on the other hand, offers more complex items: micro-sculptures in brass, here embellished with chains, crystals and rhinestone in the season’s colours.


Opus4, finally, is a Greek label that opts for a stylised animal silhouette, combining it with geometrical shapes such as circles, crescents and ellipses: their beauty lies in their manufacture and in the shades of colour used to create a natural harmony.