READY TO SHOW @ MFJ : the new area dedicated to Sourcing

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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READY TO SHOW @ MFJ : the new area dedicated to Sourcing

A space dedicated to selected production companies with a range of clothing and fashion accessories. 



The September edition of Milano Fashion&Jewels will host the new READY TO SHOW @ MFJ section: a space entirely dedicated to the SOURCING of clothing and fashion accessories, designed in collaboration with Georges Papa: we caught up with him to find out about his experience, history and some of his expectations for the new area.





An exceptional career in the fashion system and in the organisation of fashion events: your career, which began in 1975, is one filled with international experience. What have been the most significant experiences?


 I started my career in Japan in 1975, where I was part of the team that organised the first Tokyo Fashion Fair and later the first Osaka Fashion Fair. Back in Europe, I set up the exclusive agency for the PRET A PORTER PARIS fair in Italy, contributing to the international success of this event. A collaboration that lasted more than 30 years, that is, until PAP was acquired by WHO'S NEXT.  At the same time, in 1995, I launched the INTIMARE project at Fiera Bologna, the first Italian lingerie and beachwear fair.


And then, in 2001, I launched INTERTEX MILANO + READY TO SHOW - which over the years has become simply READY TO SHOW - a project aimed specifically at those countries - we are talking mainly about Tunisia, Mauritius, Egypt, Turkey, China, India, Nepal - that are recognised worldwide as manufacturers of clothing, knitwear and fashion accessories for most of the world's famous brands.


I was also responsible for managing the presence of production companies in these countries at events such as READY TO SHOW, as well as incoming missions to their local trade fairs, working with governments and trade associations.



In September you are organising the READY TO SHOW @ MFJ: a space entirely dedicated to the SOURCING of clothing and fashion accessories included in the MILANO FASHION&JEWELS event. Can you give us some more details about this section and, in particular, what will buyers be able to find?


The pandemic has taught us the importance of physical encounters, especially in the field of fashion, the importance of touching garments and fabrics, as well as the importance of exchanging information and reinforcing mutual knowledge, factors that make us more open to any kind of collaboration. The fashion world is exciting: it has many facets and a lot of professionalism. Along the Italian supply chain, professionals are present at all stages, a factor that explains the explosion of fashion schools in Milan, attended by students from all over the world, and the importance of the fashion shows during Fashion Week, also attended by people from all over the world.


On an industrial level, Italy offers everything from yarn to high fashion, but... let me ask a question: why play only at a national level when Italy has the potential to be present all over the world, associating with the best partners for each type of product, when it becomes necessary to be super competitive in order to export?





The READY TO SHOW @ MILANO FASHION & JEWELS space will feature manufacturing companies, both industrial and artisan, from the main geographical areas, both near and far, including Italy, selected also on the basis of sustainability criteria. The exhibitors will be mainly manufacturers of clothing, knitwear and fashion accessories for women but also for children, beachwear, casualwear and sportswear.


When visitors, both retailers and department store buyers, are looking for production partners for their private labels, they will need to consider the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of garments required to produce an item, the delivery times and the price level acceptable to the end customer.


The project will be developed in a very progressive way, from edition to edition we will expand the area, taking into account the need for balance, but from September there will already be both Asian producers (and not only Chinese, who are obviously included!) and Euro-Mediterranean partners, including Italians. This will facilitate the meeting of Italian subcontractors and designers with distributors, brands and emerging international designers interested in producing Made in Italy as a symbol of quality and flexibility for small to medium runs.


This new section will allow Milano Fashion & Jewels to expand and diversify its offer, gradually bringing to Fashion Accessories & Apparel the synergies we already see between MICAM, MIPEL and LINEAPELLE. It should also be pointed out that in many emerging countries, the same families or economic entities that began with the local production of clothing are moving towards the opening of shopping centres with department stores, where they distribute their products... and imported products.


The increased participation of foreign exhibitors, geographically balanced, will attract a growing number of buyers, increasing the attractiveness and value of the section and the fair as a whole. We are taking one step at a time, in a direction we believe is right for this event and for it to continue to grow!