Pink bag is our obsession!

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Pink bag is our obsession!

Bags must surely rank as one of the best-loved accessories – ones you can never have enough of – and the colour pink is one of the most popular shades to wear. So when the two come together they can become a true obsession. Take, for example, the rule those “mean girls” established in the film of the same name: “On Wednesdays we wear pink!”. Not everyone, though, can wait until the middle of the week to show off a pink garment or accessory: others prefer to go for a fashion item that expresses their style, that they can be identified by. And it just so happens that the pink bag is one of those favourite items, something that goes beyond the passing trends of the seasons.

There are many different shades of this colour, but the three most popular in the fashion system are the unmistakable Shocking Pink of Elsa Schiaparelli, Millennial Pink and Quartz Pink. A trio of shades that fashionistas and influencers think are the most “instagrammable”.

As for the model of bag to go for (pink, obviously!), we suggest the romantic shoulder bags from Camomilla Italia, the natural woven bags made by Ale Max and Enrico Versari’s models covered in fringes.