In addition to trends, originality is a success factor: interview with Maria Elena Capelli

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In addition to trends, originality is a success factor: interview with Maria Elena Capelli

The curator of The Incubator area explains why her pieces are a safe investment.

Tuttepazzeperilbijoux is not just a blog, but a cool hunting project personally curated by Maria Elena Capelli: her experience for years meets HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, curating since 2016 the selection in The Incubator area. As we know, research is fundamental, and Maria Elena Capelli has consistently demonstrated particular sensitivity to the subject: an innate predisposition nourished by study, curiosity and continuous presence at the most important international trade fairs in the sector. Added to this is the interest in innovative materials and processes, increasingly inclined towards sustainability, which encourages the selections year after year.


The September 2021 edition was particularly delicate for the entire sector, which is looking for an outlet towards rebirth and exit from the crisis "In every selection, I usually always put some really special pieces, becoming a bet for the market, but this year I preferred to base myself exclusively on research and on what is actually trendy: my work is a complete support to all buyers, who are rightly looking for trendy accessories but which surely meet the choral taste of the public and therefore will be sold. The pieces selected for September are a safe investment" – she explains at the event.


"This year I featured the Victorian style trend that I previously covered in the September 2018 edition. For autumn winter 2021-2022, the must-haves are padlocks, initials, chevalier rings and rosaries" – continues Maria Elena Capelli – " I particularly want to explain how difficult it is to find rosaries made by hand and not simply assembled by hand: in the area curated by Tuttepazzeperilbijoux, you will find only handmade pieces that guarantee a definitely higher level of beauty and quality. Originality is an essential factor for success in the market: my pieces do not emulate noble brands, they are exclusively handmade with quality materials. I'm on the hunt for real talent."