Nora Pfeiffer Milano

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14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Nora Pfeiffer Milano

Nora Pfeiffer Milano: the bracelets of the season.

The season of love, friendship, summer, and the new: the personalised ribbons by Nora Pfeiffer Milano have exactly this flavour and meaning.


In fact, bracelets are one of the objects of desire that can profoundly mark a particular moment in life. They join two friends or a young couple, becoming a symbol of the last holiday or of a long journey that began without destination.


Nora Pfeiffer Milano with its colourful items, with closure around the wrist created with a double knot is all of this. It wishes to share a coded message through the language of symbols, say something more about the person wearing them on the wrist (or, why not, the ankle). Finally, details such a simple heart or cloverleaf-shaped loop that stand out from the coloured strap are carefully chosen to mark everyday life.


Nora Pfeiffer Milano's bijoux are a concentrate of light-heartedness that makes one unique: an immediate universal sign that has met worldwide success.