#BESUSTAINABLE and #BEGREEN: ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Future Generations

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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#BESUSTAINABLE and #BEGREEN: ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Future Generations

Technology, ingenuity and a lot of creativity: these three aspects represent a turning point, a real revolution that is deeply changing the fashion industry.

Before the start of the pandemic, fashion began to make a slight noise on the subject of sustainability: the aim was to take concrete action to reduce impact on the Planet. The year 2020 was a year of reflection that led to important decisions on the subject: to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, without forgetting the ethical and social aspect. In fact, sustainability has become a real priority in the fashion industry, so HOMI Fashion&Jewels  Exhibition has decided to dedicate valuable space to all those companies that are committed to pursuing this green path. Operators in the sector (and those more sensitive to the subject) can in fact trace the selection on the #befashionandjewels digital platform using the hashtags #BESUSTAINABLE and #BEGREEN.



Sustainability is a concept that makes us think about the environment as well as the economy: it must satisfy needs and desires, without compromising the resources that are destined for future generations. This requires technology, ingenuity and a lot of creativity. These three aspects, in full respect of human and workers' rights, represent a turning point, a real revolution that is deeply changing the fashion industry.



Natural and Organic Fibres


These exist in nature, so they do not require fossil fuels like synthetics. and include cotton, linen and wool. But they are not the only ones, because innovation contributes to make some visions real: just think of Fusioni that uses bamboo, soy, oranges and roses to create light, comfortable and warm fabrics, while in the world of jewellery we talk about agri-design where the fruits of nature are the protagonists, thanks to creative projects that abandon pearls and chains in favour of seeds, timber, berries and dried fruit (Chi Semina Raccoglie and Pasly Art Design). A study of the irregular shapes of Nature and creative boldness give life to eco-sustainable ornaments that even have the peculiarity of enhancing a territory, with the recovery of zero-kilometre and/or zero-emission materials.



Upcycling, the Art of Recycling


A real point of contact between sustainability and the latest, more nostalgic trends: we are talking about proposals that come from the art of recycling. This practice is profoundly changing even the best-known luxury companies and that has always been an engine of creativity for some local entities. Disassembling, cutting or shaping and sewing up, represent the steps of upcycling that today is increasingly taken into consideration in the field of design. This definitely requires shrewdness and ingenuity, thus making each product more exclusive. Controcorrente restores life to thousands


of metres of oriental fabrics, made by master craftsmen, which would otherwise be destroyed; Nedumo creates fascinating jewellery with wood from old disused ships, real parts of wrecks that are treated and regenerated to become necklaces, bracelets, earrings; and finally Sanara by Rana Feghali creates unique pieces with silks from old collections from the Como area.