Milano Fashion&Jewels rewards contemporary design and creativity at the AUTOR Fair in Bucharest

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Milano Fashion&Jewels rewards contemporary design and creativity at the AUTOR Fair in Bucharest

Milano Fashion&Jewels awards its prize to Ana Wagner with her contemporary jewel 'The Journey in The Mirror', which will become the star of the 'Contemporary Jewels' area at the next edition in September.

From 18 to 19 May 2024, Milano Fashion&Jewels flies to Bucharest (Romania) on the occasion of the AUTOR Fair to award its prize to the emerging jewellery designer capable of interpreting, in an innovative way, the profound contamination between art and fashion within contemporary jewellery.


The Milano Fashion&Jewels Prize was awarded to Ana Wagner: a visual artist born in 1976 in Transylvania who, after a diploma in graphic design at the Art Academy, began painting on porcelain in 2002 in order to transfer her skills and creativity onto surfaces other than paper and canvas.


"Wagner Arte" is today a representative Romanian brand of decorative art and design of porcelain jewellery, which is mixed with metals such as silver or gold and precious stones.


All his works represent his desire to bring beauty into the world in which we live: this is his philosophy, being inspired by nature and love.


Thanks to this recognition, Ana Wagner will be the star of the next September edition of the event (14-17 September fieramilano, Rho). The jewellery will be exhibited in the Contemporary Jewels area, the space dedicated to precious capsule collections of innovative jewellery, inspired by the past but looking to the future, overcoming all the limits of freedom of expression to become bearers of profound messages.




The Journey in The Mirror


The Collection reflects Ana Wagner's aesthetic vision and bold design language, embodying a harmonious fusion of form, function and two distinct materials - mirror and porcelain hand-decorated with gold and platinum - that transcend simple reflection to become works of art.


Looked at philosophically, the mirror-glass represents constant change while the porcelain interprets stillness: together they create a new universe that invites introspection.


The porcelain pieces incorporated into the shape of the mirror act as a reminder. They remind us that in each of us there is a little paradise, a corner of heaven, a ray of sunshine that must be permanently accessed within ourselves.