Milano Fashion&Jewels habla Español

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Milano Fashion&Jewels habla Español

The Iberian flair of the numerous Spanish brands at the event sets the trend with their vibrant colours and creativity.

A mood-board bursting with colour is not the only thing connecting the Iberian brands which, this season more than ever before, are bringing a vibrant warmth to Milano Fashion&Jewels. It's no surprise that Spain, a hotbed of talent and a trendsetter with a distinctive Mediterranean signature – a style that cherishes creativity and versatile panache – results in offerings ranging from jewellery to home accessories that are all firmly grounded in their origins, yet moving forward with timeless authenticity. Care, meticulousness and creativity are the hallmarks of an eclecticism that always maintains a focus on environmental consciousness, as evidenced by the use of natural textures and an ongoing preference for palettes featuring unmistakably warm and vibrant hues. The result is an ultra-energetic collection that evokes the essence of summer even during the coldest seasons, with a blend of warm hues and inspirations that are perfectly encapsulated in the three distinct facets of Milano Fashion&Jewels. The event is a favourite venue for numerous actors in this space to showcase their collections, offering a comprehensive array of pop and vibrant brands and companies, each exuding a Spanish flair that is rightfully audacious in every respect.


Much like the creations from Sara Bolsos/Bag – inclusive, cosmopolitan and lightweight – which favour sustainable materials, with a particular emphasis on raffia, exploring an endless array of styles in pursuit of a distinctive signature quality. Similarly, Latido's offerings present a kaleidoscope of accessories in hypersaturated colours, embodying an elegance that blends comfort with a dash of boldness. All of this can be savoured while enveloped in the enticing aromas of the signature candles from Cereria Mollà 1899, a brand with over a century of heritage that upholds manufacturing excellence while catering to a luxurious lifestyle. And let's not forget that healthy dose of Iberian creativity, Kylie Crazy style, whose socks, beach towels and hats speak the universal language of optimism.