Manitas de Plata: when illustrations become accessories

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14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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Manitas de Plata: when illustrations become accessories

Gentle strokes create fantastic and childlike worlds.

Simple, almost childish black strokes, pastel colours and a few bright spots. Childhood themes here tell fantastic stories through a single image, inspired by a book or handed down from generation to generation.


It is from here that the work of the Puche sisters begins. Originally from Valencia (Spain), the women together founded a small artisan company based on a taste for small and delicate details, handmade designs that meet everyday life humour. The result is a refined and special accessory originated from an idea and then transformed in an illustration and finally in a fashion accessory.


Carmen studied law and is the Sales Manager, while Marina has a background in fine arts and is the creative hand at Manitas de plata. Collection after collection, new pieces are added to the fantasy world of the two Spanish sisters.


Each bijoux or accessory, made of cold porcelain and hand-painted, shows a fairy tale subject such as Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince or Mary Poppins to remind us of the magic of childhood, when everything was possible and every dream seemed so real. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks here have a soul: they have the ability to bring back that child that is in every one of us.