HOMI Fashion&Jewels presented tomorrow’s trends

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


HOMI Fashion&Jewels presented tomorrow’s trends

HOMI Fashion&Jewels TREND SPACE, organised in collaboration with Univerity of Milan Poli.design, has revealed trends we can expect to see between 2020 and 2022.


Guideliness, hints to inspire manufactures, stylists, designer and exhibitors to define the creativity of the future and to propose to new visual concept and new key design concepts.


New Romantic e Underground are the two macrotrends identified.



A style where the focus on beauty comes together with an awareness of current reality, products standing out for their details . This paves the way for accessories that amplify a very ethical mood, based on what is a very strong offer that highlights artisan know-how - embellishment for example - construction and processing expertise, and the careful study of volumes, a metaphor for bold references.

The following 4microtrends better define this trend.



Sustainable is something that has the ability to survive or exist over time,

maintaining change in a balanced environment.

A trend that not only takes shape with the use of sustainable or alternative processes, resources and materials but also with surfaces and forms that refer to the materiality of waste and the possibility of reassembling it into new configurations giving it a second life. 



A drawing, a decoration or an ornament created with needles and threads on a piece of fabric. This ancient activity finds today new forms in contemporary reinterpretations. Perforated surfaces are enriched with decorative grafts that simulate embroidery on clothes; metal seams hold multiple layers together; colorful modules help generate imperfect images.



Transparency is a metaphorical extension of the meaning of the word ‘transparent’. In the product, transparency is the means to narrate a dreamlike and sensual world in which hidden parts are revealed through cuts and openings, luminous details shine on the surfaces and overlapping textures defined by full and empty spaces generate unexpected fantasies.



The dynamism of the fluids takes the form of static volumes that simulate movement through huge dimensions, abundant folds and curved lines that contribute to create surreal surfaces.



This trend indulges the connections between different cultures and draw attention to details that reminds metropolitan art. The inspiration comes from urban landscapes, from experiences lived among concrete and hidden nightclubs’ neon lights. These landscapes are characterized by signs on the wall, in the streets and on the objects as expression of the various identities who live this places.

The following 4microtrends better define this trend.



The stud is a clothing accessory made of metal and it is normally used for garments or shoes. The use of studs is frequent in metal, dark, punk clothing, in the form of bracelets and collars with iron tips. Studs become an ornamental and functional part of jewelry and they are inspired by the punk culture of the 70s, by the details of industrial structures and by piercings as body grafts.



Graffitism is a social and cultural manifestation spread all over the world, based on the expression of creativity through pictorial interventions on the urban pattern

From the walls of the city the graffiti moves on the surfaces of jewels leaving the trace of a signature, characterizing the object entirely with a pop language or creating three-dimensional optical illusions.



The term genderless, without gender identity, refers to an absence of qualities typically associated with both sexes . The genderless culture is represented with a freedom of expression, an aesthetic and borderline fluidity obtained with the use of monochromatic and minimal tones, the matching of male and female elements and the absence or masking of traces of gender characterizations.



Alchemy is an esoteric science whose first aim was to transform lead, a negative element, into gold, a representation of what is positive, to make human beings rediscover their true ‘inner nature’.

Alchemy is characterized by esoteric symbols such as the third eye, the sun and the moon or the ouroboros, which appear in the shape of tattoos on the skin of young Millenials, are the protagonists in the clothes presented at the most recent fashion shows and also pass through the world of jewelry with their aura of mystery.