A new take on pearls

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A new take on pearls

There’s nothing classier or more traditional than pearls. Strung around ladies’ necks, dangled from their ears or wrapped around their wrists, they have always been seen as a symbol of affluence and social status. Now, though, pearls are being looked at in a new light, with new revolutionary uses being found for them in the world of accessories. Those gleaming silvery spheres have never gone out of fashion, and even those irregularly-shaped ones known as Baroque pearls, are now back in vogue as they draw on their completely natural charm. While adding to it a highly contemporary note.


Romantic pearls…


When threaded together to form a regular string they will brighten up any fashion look, but the most popular way of wearing them in the Autumn Winter 2020-2021 season will be as multiple strings, as modern chokers, as big, bold 80s-style bracelets, or as extra-long sautoirs (or rope necklaces) gracefully adorning a back or a plunging neckline. And then there are all the miniature uses: on collars, hairpins and clips, used individually or in pairs, all covered in micro and maxi sets of pearls.


… and pearls that go underground


Pearls can be creatively decontextualised to produce a more conceptual look. They can be used along the edges of a collar, form a defining line along the shoulder of a leather jacket or sweatshirt, or even be combined with metal mesh in a look inspired by industrial architecture. Pearls can also be used in piercings or as points of light in place of heavier studs.


Design and innovation


And then there’s the more lightweight approach, where pearls are set in geometric design structures. Artisans and craft firms have been using pearls as precious items that appear among metal bars, wires and curved elements following the outline of the body.



You can find accessories and jewellery featuring pearls at:


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