The trends of coloured stones, through the eyes of GEM HUB’s Mahesh Swami

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The trends of coloured stones, through the eyes of GEM HUB’s Mahesh Swami

Colourful good luck charms that today also adorn the body with unusual cuts and interesting inclusions.

The eternal charm of semiprecious stones and their mystical value.  Fashion starts right here, mixing a pinch of superstition with the desire to decorate necks, ears, hands and fingers with raw gems or gems processed with unusual cuts. 


A stone that is enjoying growing popularity is the opal, known for its iridescent shades thanks to its natural hues.  Whoever chooses it is inevitably fascinated by the rainbow reflections or the fire engulfed in its crystal, as well as by the mystery hidden in its history that made opals talismans and ingredients of occult magic.  This is where the interview with Mahesh Swami, owner and designer of GEM HUB, becomes an opportunity to talk about how the market is changing and the latest trends.  “Tourmaline too is becoming popular since it is considered a lucky charm with special healing properties according to crystal therapy”.  In addition to this, it also features great aesthetics. In fact, it is a strongly pleochroic gem, thanks to its double refraction of colours.


Finally, Mahesh Swami tells us how the gemstone market is changing, not only in terms of the demands for specific stones but also in terms of cuts, new and unprecedented, made with implemented technologies and a special attention to giving value to their uniqueness through their imperfections. "Inclusions, in my opinion, make the stone unique, so I always try to offer my clients gems of various quality, even with inclusions, to creating very personal and unique pieces".