Sustainability is the accessory of the future

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Sustainability is the accessory of the future

Reducing the environmental impact of fashion is an industry-wide challenge that has seen the expo become carbon neutral in 2022 and attempting to replicate it in 2023.

Sustainability is becoming the accessory of the future: as indispensable as it is in matters of looks, it is the only asset capable of making a difference in the present and especially in the future to invest in truly healthy creativity and change the face of fashion in a conscious manner. After all, it is no mystery that fashion has always had an important environmental impact factor, so much so that it is responsible, according to data reported by the UN - which has encapsulated the goals for sustainable development in the UN 2030 Agenda - for between 8% and 10% of global CO2 emissions. In addition, it consumes -and pollutes, due to the use of chemicals- more than 20% of water and, if that were not enough, 70% of textiles are made of petroleum derivatives (and only 1 per cent of these are recycled) and clothing is the largest source of microplastics in the seas. This is a catastrophic scenario, but one that can and must be remedied by supporting the urgent need, which has become a real necessity in the wake of the pandemic, to remodel the sector's entire production cycle, both by respecting new standards of social and environmental sustainability and by promoting cooperation among the various parties so that a shared and transparent policy of best practices in a green key can be achieved. A change that is necessary to bring fashion to embrace what is known as the circular economy and, at the same time, to rethink about the planet through a path that leads to the highest standards of sustainability without disregarding the production, environmental and social factors important to the industry. This is a process that the National Chamber of Fashion has been pursuing since 2011 and that it has pursued by involving the entire Italian fashion system with initiatives and values summarised in its Sustainability Manifesto. An appeal that the great Italian fashion houses have taken up, initiating a new way of understanding style with an all-round sustainable commitment, capable of involving both environmental and human rights. A comprehensive awareness that, year after year, has affected all levels of the supply chain, from creativity to the organisational model, up to raw materials, in order to create garments that respect the environment in which they are placed and lead to responsible luxury capable of making a difference.


And it is precisely the sustainable attitude, together with the increased focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, that constitutes a fundamental part of the vision of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition which, in the September 2022 edition, was awarded the carbon neutral certification, recognising its commitment to reducing its environmental impact to zero emissions. In fact, all CO2 emissions produced by the exhibition were neutralised thanks to the environmental project to create green energy, 'Photovoltaic Power Project', which was implemented with photovoltaic panels in Maharashtra (India). A certification - which marked the start of the process of assessing the environmental footprint of trade fair events held in Fieramilano's exhibition spaces - that HOMI Fashion&Jewels wants to obtain again for the next edition in September, confirming, once again, that important investment in green values can be seen both in its projects and in the selection of companies attending the fair. In fact, the fair has been a pioneer in welcoming among its exhibitors those with the most virtuous philosophy, in line with its guidelines, whose matrix is marked by the values of sustainability.  Therefore, the centrality of ethical innovation alongside the value of upcycling; the use of waste materials and the search for ecological solutions to reduce the impact on the environment; the use of renewable sources, the priority for vegan and cruelty-free products, a new idea of circular fashion are just some of the best practices that, together with the fashion factor, HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has made and will make protagonists, season after season, of an event in which ethics and aesthetics are two sides of the same coin.