The poetics of minimal jewellery

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14* - 17 September 2024
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The poetics of minimal jewellery

All you need is a piece of wire and a geometrical form to create a jewellery item for everyday wear. It’s all about the outline: the poetics of form that requires no assistance from colour nor any excessive size, because all it is trying to do is to strike a balance, to achieve harmony between form and function. The appeal of minimally designed jewellery lies in its carefully crafted simplicity.




The design is by architect Paolo Gambarelli. “Each piece of jewellery must always be considered as a constant transcription and semantic reinterpretation of the forms and contents of our daily lives.” The power of the design lies in its extreme simplicity, where form becomes expressive value. The collections are identified by the different materials, the finishes and the crafting processes, all artisanal. 






These collections are the very antithesis of ostentation: each piece is based on geometry and a simplicity of outline. In this case a curvaceous form based on the idea of the cylinder, the sphere and the semi-circle. Silvia Zoppellari likes to use non-traditional materials that take on a noble quality through sophisticated design, “…which just goes to show that you can shine even without diamonds.