Chain reactions: craftsmanship at its best in Arezzo

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Chain reactions: craftsmanship at its best in Arezzo

Chains are big in contemporary fashions, be they traditional, revisited or even deconstructed. Something that originally served a functional purpose (basically just connecting things together) is now an object of desire, one that often makes a statement through personalisation. Bracelets, necklaces and even earrings in the form of chains have become an essential element in the definition of the look of the contemporary woman.


Their aesthetic power also lies in what they stand for: their clear association with the idea of bonding and binding, but also with the idea of freedom. It’s all a question of perspective and the interpretation designers and jewellers choose. A chain closes and defines: Regina & Cora F. present bold solutions with a modern, attractive design, while Francesca Bianchi Design turns the closure element into a decorative feature to show off.


Can a chain become a symbol of freedom and lightness? The links in a chain are basic elements to experiment with. Del Pia, like the above-mentioned brands, is known for the chains it makes in the Arezzo area, but these also possess a special quality: they are hollow, so are more lightweight, and are used in the patented “2begold” process. The resulting jewellery item weighs less, but the final effect is the same.