Artificial Intelligence in Fashion and Jewellery

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Artificial Intelligence in Fashion and Jewellery

The latest edition of the exhibition was opened by the inaugural conference dedicated to innovation and the new creative challenges of the sector.

The latest edition of Fashion&Jewels, the event dedicated to fashion accessories, clothing and jewellery, opened with the inaugural conference 'Creative Challenges: The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion and Jewellery', moderated by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Creative Director and Editorial Director of RED-EYE Metazine, and also Advisor and Partner of lablaco's Circular Fashion System. The focus of the meeting was the fusion of artificial intelligence and creative expression, which opened up fascinating new paths for innovation.


The first speaker of the talk was Alba Cappellieri, Full Professor at the Design Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan and Head of Jewelry&Accessories Design, who described how AI is changing the world of jewellery and the goldsmith industry in a big way. “Artificial intelligence can help companies improve the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of systems, management and governance, and can facilitate the resolution of complex problems”, said the lecturer. In particular, AI is expected to be widely used in the future of the jewellery sector, because together with blockchain technologies it represents an important tool to give greater efficiency, profit and, above all, sustainability to the business.


From creating stunning still life images to facilitating virtual prototyping, AI is pushing the boundaries of creativity in the industry. This topic was addressed by Silvia Badalotti, photographer, image consultant and prompt designer, who explained how to make the best use of Artificial Intelligence for the production of photographic material and the creation of content with an eye on the creative and artistic side. Due to the fact that it is a constantly developing tool, it is also possible to use different versions of AI in order to achieve the best creative results.


The conference was closed by Laura Biasion, Director of the Goldsmiths' Club, who explained the importance of using Artificial Intelligence in an anthropocentric logic, explaining that “artificial intelligence is a creative system and should be exploited as such, not just as a search engine. It operates according to probabilism. Data are constantly increasing and the base on which it works is widening, even though the texts produced need to be reworked with strong critical spirit by man”.


As a matter of fact, AI is a real driver of change that is revolutionising the creative process, especially with respect to fashion and jewellery, redefining what is possible, providing valuable insights and inspiration to designers, enabling them to stay abreast of current and emerging trends and to create collections that are in line with them.