Interview with Natalie Rossi - Fashion Designer for MOLLO TUTTO

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Interview with Natalie Rossi - Fashion Designer for MOLLO TUTTO



Mollo Tutto was born out of Natalie Rossi’s very real existential decision when, in 2014, she decided to drop everything or, in Italian, mollare tutto, starting the “Mollo Tutto Vivo a Lipari” project to support the concept of choosing to follow your dreams.   Thus the first of an original line of t-shirts came into being, and eventually an entire clothing collection was created, tailored to different destinations.


The design, concept research, collections and the Mollo Tutto Brand image is overseen entirely by the designer with passion, strength, determination and poetry. Natalie's vision is very firm, but open to everyone's need to dream.


 "The fashion accessory is a complement emphasizing the lyricism of the brand’s identity.   Our logo is a small paper boat, a poetic symbol that, together with the phrase "Mollo tutto” [I’m dropping everything], encapsulates the brand’s philosophy: following our dreams” says Natalie. "Each garment in our collection — the brand’s fashion designer adds — has a little fishing float attached to it: Tienimi a galla [keep me afloat] is one of the project’s slogans and the float is a good luck charm that you can always have with you.”





Sustainability is at the heart of the Mollo Tutto company. All the clothing designs are, of course, made with eco-friendly fabrics. The aim is to create environmentally responsible garments using organic, recycled and renewable materials.


"The fabrics used in our collections come from salvaged fishing nets in collaboration with an association that manages this waste treatment worldwide, making a lycra that can be used to make fashion accessories — Natalie explains with a great deal of excitement.  


— We also collaborate with the Marevivo Onlus association which has been working on cleaning up beaches and collecting discarded fishing materials for several years. On top of their acts of salvaging and reusing materials, we support their initiatives with a sustainability outlook that isn’t just environmental, but social too.


Sustainability goes beyond fashion collections: our retailers’ Mollo Tutto section is recognisable and original. In our EcoDesign workshop we create unique signs and displays made from disused gozzi fishing boats, lending them a new lease of life.


One of our latest creations was a bijoux eco-friendly pendant made from PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from corn starch".





For our brand, S/S 2021 will be carefree and liberated. Clothing and accessories that excite, but not forgetting our flagship design, the T-SHIRT, customisable and loved by everyone, from children to the over seventies.


Of course, this exceptional brand couldn't help but end our interview on a truly special note, especially given the times we’re living in, with a message for the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition community: "Don't give up, follow your dreams to overcome any obstacles and... always dream."