Interview with Mauro Severin – Owner of SEVERIN STORE

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14* - 17 September 2024
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Interview with Mauro Severin – Owner of SEVERIN STORE

After thirty years of business, Severin Store sets a benchmark in the accessories and clothing segment in the Latina province. We asked the store owner a few questions in order to have a snapshot of the current situation and understand what the future might hold.


The lockdown and relaunch phases: can you tell us what measures you have taken, before and after, and how it’s been for you?


The lockdown period was quite difficult for us, also because without an on-line shopping channel, we were forced to halt all activity. The relaunch wasn’t particularly easy either, especially in terms of implementing all the necessary safety protocols. But our customers are our number one priority and so we have taken steps to ensure our commercial activity can restart in total safety, adopting all the necessary measures in order to operate with peace of mind, even purchasing an air sanitizer and another for the fabrics and garments. So we’ve started up again and gradually seen our customers return, some of whom have shopped with us for years.


What are the distinctive features that have allowed you to set the benchmark in the segment?


30 years of business - and various transformations to adapt to the market, latest trends and our customers - have allowed us to become what we are today, or rather a point of reference in the region. This is also, and particularly in virtue of the original range we offer, developed according to research criteria, supported by different brands and involving the selection of special, unique pieces. And that’s not all. Our added value relates to the “consultancy” we offer each of our customers who, regardless of age, know that they will always find the latest items and garments here but can also receive advice, support and personalised proposals. A service that we can always guarantee thanks to the presence of expert consultants who, with their professional approach, create the right atmosphere and level of understanding with the customers, which allows them to be able to propose and create personalised looks and solutions to suit all requirements.


What tool do you use to tell your customers about new products, traditional marketing or social networks?


To tell them about our new products and ideas we mainly use our shop windows. The store has four and we update them weekly, really focusing our attention on them. We don’t have an on-line shopping channel, and I don’t think we’ll develop one in the near future, but we have quite a comprehensive website and also use social channels like Facebook and Instagram.


How important is the HOMI Fashion&Jewels event for you?


The HOMI Fashion&Jewels event is essential and serves as both a business opportunity and a very important source of inspiration.  The offer is extremely varied and allows me to find new products in the bijoux and jewellery world, a segment that I’ve been developing alongside the clothing for a few years and that now makes up a good part of our range. I always find some very original proposals in the New Craft area in particular.