An interview with Martina Tesei of Naima, Gruppo Galeazzi

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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“Research and trusting relations as activities resume.” An interview with Martina Tesei of Naima, Gruppo Galeazzi




It was quite difficult and definitely a bad moment for our business, but we managed to limit the damage thanks to our e-commerce.” This is how Martina Tesei, head of communications and marketing with Naima Perfumes (Galeazzi group), described the period of lockdown, and the recession it caused – something not seen in Galeazzi’s 70 years in the business.


The digital formula relieved much of the suffering, and was the result of a far-sighted approach that took the Marche-based firm into the virtual world of social media, with a website and online sales. “In this way we managed to stay close to our clientele also in these months, running special promotional campaigns such as creating a dedicated e-mail for customers who were not used to shopping online.”


Now that customers are coming back to the shop, Martina Tesei cannot forget the healthy relationship of loyalty and trust that has been built up in these years, a point of strength that became even more well-established during the lockdown. “Our philosophy is to offer our customers a consultancy service, and to stay by their side to give support and offer advice: an approach that is always courteous and professional, and one that can create a shopping experience. The actual moment of purchase can then happen either in the store or online.”


And then there is the research work we do, studying trends and coming up with innovations that enable us to take on the market with an original range of products. Trade fairs play a fundamental role here. They are indeed essential if we want to be competitive. “At HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition in particular we are always on the lookout for bijoux products that enrich what is essentially a beauty range, especially in stores in holiday locations, where a wider, more diversified range of products can be offered.”