Interview with Liberato Marra - Market development leader of OCrafter

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Interview with Liberato Marra - Market development leader of OCrafter

Internationality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the innovative OCrafter market place.  Liberato Marra, one of the founders and Market Development leader of the platform, tells us more.

The year 2020 has seen the emergence of digital business channels that we know will accompany us shortly. They have become leading elements in a new reality where new alternatives and new instruments join traditional tools.


The digital power must be adequately integrated with the real, especially in the trade fair context, where contact and human values remain central. The physical experience will remain essential, but exploiting the potential of new channels will increasingly be a key element.


In the panorama of these new proposals, we would like to tell you about the experience of OCrafter: an innovative marketplace dedicated to creations and objects made exclusively by hand, aimed at all types of existing products, excluding food and offensive products (weapons, knives).


Added to this is the platform's international character, which aims to present unique and original hand crafted products in all countries of the world. 


"To date, we have 800 artisans from 40 countries on board, and we are working with 40 ambassadors around the world", explains Liberato Marra, one of the founders of OCrafter and Market Development leader of the marketplace. We also want to present ourselves at many leading trade fairs, including fashion accessories, which concerns us very closely, since around 30% of the products we offer relate to this world.


The official launch will start in the first quarter of 2021, in Italy, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. Northern European and more Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Greece and Portugal, will soon follow.


OCrafter is divided into two main communities: the first is that of the makers, i.e. all the artisans who decide to present their products here, and the second is that of the buyers, who are looking for unique and original products.


We offer makers three different entry levels for greater product recognition and positioning: standard, premium, and luxury. Depending on this level, the protagonists have various presentation spaces (number of product photos, areas for additional descriptions, design etc.).


Moreover, we can activate specific promotional campaigns on behalf of our craftsmen and offer comprehensive logistical solutions, including shipping and payment services.


In short, our flexibility and versatility is a further note of distinction!”