Interview with Alessandra Airoldi - owner of and designer at AIROLDI

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14* - 17 September 2024
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Interview with Alessandra Airoldi - owner of and designer at AIROLDI


The brand created almost 50 years ago from a project by Francesco and Anna Airoldi is still the synonym of a refined and unmistakable style in the world of silver jewellery and fashion accessories.


Made in Italy, glamour, quality and elegance have always distinguished the collections of this brand from the Italian city of Brescia, now led by Francesca and Alessandra Airoldi, who presented a preview of their recent creations at HOMI Fashion&Jewels.



The Airoldi brand has a long and important history. Founded in 1974, it was immediately successful in the world of high jewellery thanks to a refined and exclusive line of silver items. The earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces designed by Airoldi follow the most traditional rules and processes of jewellery making, so the brand soon became a leader in the market for both customers and sector professionals, being the icons of an original style and creativity, entirely made in Italy.


“Today, after almost 50 years in business, our philosophy has not changed” - said Alessandra Airoldi, who today directs the family-run business with her sister Francesca. “Quality, reliability and customer care are values that have remained unchanged since when my parents founded the company. The awareness that there is a serious and reliable company with flexible and entirely made-in-Italy production processes behind an Airoldi object is an added value for us, one that allowed us to be recognised by qualified partners and suppliers, always with the aim of promoting the skills and know-how of Italian craftsmanship.


In addition to this, there is another fundamental aspect that keeps distinguishing our proposal: attention to detail and the finishing touches that we add to each of our creations.”


“In this regard - continues Alessandra - colour is the real determining element in our creative process. When we start designing a new collection, colour becomes the fil rouge of all our proposals, as our products have also been including a wide range of fashion accessories for several years now, with a special place being occupied by our bags.”


And Airoldi really put a lot of colours in the trends of this S/S season, from the brightest shades to so-called pastel colours. Metal jewellery has been created in soft pink, light green, powder blue, but also burnt umber and other natural nuances.


The pendant collections include very elegant chandelier earrings, all made in Italy, mounted and chained one by one, embellished with pearls and rhinestone, in different shades, and chains, long or short, especially in the smoother or multi-strand variants.


In addition to the novelties, the new collection also contains some interesting reinterpretations - in terms of colour and finish - of some items from the brand’s most famous collections.  “We reinterpreted a beautiful, very elegant and important ring and proposed it with new shades of colour. We also reproposed a line of enamel rings, a must-have of a few years ago, in yellow, blue, aquamarine and white, shades of colour that stand out particularly in the summer glow.”


As regards accessories, Alessandra shows us the collection of raffia bags that has been proposed this year.  “These styles have a very detailed workmanship: decorations, nappa leather inserts, edges, fringes, lining, there are many steps and finishes, all carefully designed and handmade.


But the same process is performed for our most famous straw bags, produced by the expert hands of Tuscan craftsmen. For example, the bands of the alternating coloured stripe style are all assembled one by one with the sewing machine.”


Among the many Airoldi novelties for the summer, we also find sparkling and elegant lurex bags and other bags that look like luxurious carpets, made with fine fabrics, in bright colours like red and burnt umber, the tones that Alessandra defines African / happy chic” and that she expects to be the protagonists of this winter.


So fabrics, shapes and colours ready to become central again. “Yes, that was our intention” - Alessandra reiterates and concludes; “In our offer, there will never be a red necklace without a red bag, just as when we propose a new green bag, we also present matching green earrings.


This is a cue and a very important support for retailers, who already have an idea for their shop windows, but above all a plus of elegance and style for the Airoldi woman.”



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