Interview with Flora Quaranta, designer and owner of the brand PULICATI

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Interview with Flora Quaranta, designer and owner of the brand PULICATI

Exclusive workmanship, attention to detail and quality, crafts handed down from generation to generation. That is why Pulicati has been an established brand in the leather and fashion accessories industry for over three decades.  Flora Quaranta, owner of and designer at Pulicati, told us her long story.



Class and elegance, attention to detail and manufacturing techniques. These and many other features characterize Pulicati, a brand that has been a leader in the industry of leather goods and fashion accessories for over 30 years.


Flora began telling us: “First of all, we select the materials to be used with extreme care. The colour of leather and its softness are of paramount importance to obtain a quality bag.


We only use traditional manual crafts, so that our customers always get unique fashionable products with an unmistakable style.


Research and creativity guide us season after season in the proposal of our new collections, as we create always new and attractive shapes and combinations.


We continued working this way even during this dramatic period, even though it has not been easy to conceive of new products because we have been deeply affected, especially on a human and personal level, by this terrible health emergency. 


However, we must look positively to the future and keep engaging in our business with energy, and we hope we will be able to meet again very soon. This year we missed the trade fair so much - it has always been an important opportunity for exchanges, exploration and discoveries.”


Pulicati's next summer's collection is characterised by bright colours such as cobalt blue or bold mustard, the colour of sunflowers.  Weave design and wide threading will be the leading techniques used, while shapes will be mostly large and wide, with external pockets and safety zips.


“We created well-defined spaces and external appliqué pockets, which make bags very comfortable and responsive to the many needs of the different times of a woman’s day. Always without losing in elegance and classy attitude.”


In addition to seasonal novelties, over the last four years Pulicati has been successfully offering a special vintage bag line in collaboration with Civico 93.


Flora explained: “This is a product that is washed, dried, and then goes through a very long and specific process to satisfy the taste of a particular segment of customers that continues to appreciate them over time.


These bags are unique, can be used in all the seasons of the year and are generally comfortable. We make them in neutral or warm colour tones, such as taupe or chocolate.”



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