Interview with Elisa Ciofi - Founder of Gioielleria Oro Ciofi

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Interview with Elisa Ciofi - Founder of Gioielleria Oro Ciofi

Through their experience and refined choice of golds and jewels, Gioielleria Oro Ciofi of Lido di Camaiore has become a reference point for clients attentive to sustainability that looking for jewelry of great prestige. 

The long-standing jewellers, Gioielleria Oro Ciofi, was founded in the spring of 1967 with the creativity of Anna and Fortunato, owners of the small boutique in Lido di Camaiore, Tuscany. As time went on, the ever-increasing number of customers required a larger space and so the founders opened a second, more spacious and structured store, with their children Mario and Elisa.


The shop offers a wide range of the finest jewellery, watch, and interior accessory brands; it boasts public showrooms over two floors, renovating its style and experience year after year. It also features a highly exclusive and specialised qualified handmade goldsmith’s workshop where original, unique, or highly customised design jewellery is created, satisfying the widest range of requests from customers who can also count on the repair and specialist support services thanks to the highly skilled and professional service offered.


"One of our most recent designs — Elisa Ciofi tells us — is the Bouton collection. A new line of jewellery whose name comes from the sinuous marriage of ‘bon ton’ and ‘bouton’, and is inspired by the purity of silver and the idea of care, of attention and thoughtfulness towards others:  caring for others is represented by the bare, simple thread which, combined with the button, the brand’s iconic subject, elegantly joins, taking care of us.

Bouton is the fruit of my brother Mario's creativity, and it stands out because of its uniqueness as it is all created strictly by hand, right from the first fold of silver."


"To create this line — explains Mario — I let myself be guided by the purity of silver, as a raw material, avoiding contamination through galvanic procedures. Even the packaging had to meet my idea of care: attention and thoughtfulness towards others, but towards nature as well, so I only used eco-friendly materials for the packaging, like bonded leather and cellulose fibre.

A piece of jewellery to be worn simply and proudly, while contemplating owning something unique".


"The attention to detail, the staff’s meticulous training and qualified expertise, the hand-picked selection of brands offered, the quality of service. All these factors have allowed our family to meet the needs of a diverse clientèle and gain the trust of new customers in the future – Elisa concludes — Over time we’ve aimed to uphold our philosophy: jewellery as an ornament of the body, the highest expression of the intimate feminine self and how it expresses itself.

Through our vast experience, our refined choice of golds and jewels, and our original designs, we’ve become a reference point for customers looking for unique and luxury jewellery."