Inner Identity

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Inner Identity

One of the two concepts presented at the September 2020 edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition was entitled “Inner Identity”, and was intended as a reflection of these uncertain times. Solitude, silence and distortion are defining a new social apocalypse, in which identities need to be redefined in the wake of destruction. This vision was addressed and reworked by the students of Poli.Design. Here are the ideas that came out of this creative investigation:





A total upheaval of reality and the creation of new apocalyptic scenarios. A reassessment of what’s essential, what’s indispensible. Faces and hands shun direct contact and are clothed in functional accessories, adorning individuals as they protect them and sendingout messages to those who observe them.





The idea of duality is at the heart of the concept, involving contemporary superheroes who take on little daily challenges, with a nostalgia for the past and a curiosity about the crossovers there are with today’s world. An attempt to find meaning, and discover a whole other side to things.





Organisms on the edges of life, parasites that take on a certain form in order to be exorcised. They get into our clothes and into our bodies, inhabiting new dimensions and populating them in a way that is both frightening and fascinating.





Amulets and talismans are the contemporary tools that are needed to cope with dystopian scenarios. Gemstones and crystals, memories of the past to avert the dangers of the future and superstitious interpretations of the signs of the zodiac are the players in this scenario.