The beaded jewellery craze of the 90s is back

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The beaded jewellery craze of the 90s is back

There’s something of a bead mania going on right now and it looks as if it’s going to continue for the next couple of seasons. Expect to see lots of colourful beads adorning necks, wrists and ankles. The idea is to wear as many as possible, like back in the 90s, and make them a major feature of your look.


The details – anything from hippie to underground – are taking on cult status once again. In summer beads are worn in combination with shells (Milano Bijoux), while in winter they are more likely to be combined with little medallions and charms that have a mystical, symbolic flavour to them (1660 Arezzo Jewellery by Vezzosi Argenterie). Simple, colourful and full of energy, they are one of the best ways of keeping sad thoughts at bay.


Beads are also to be found in cotton weaves from EM Bijoux, as playful pendants on the earrings created by NotForAll and Luiber, or as decorative elements, for example those that give Il Nodo di Eracle cameos a contemporary twist.


And then, finally, there are the materials that can be mixed together to create some quite new jewellery items, giving us a sense that we haven’t quite left the summer behind us yet: beads made of glass, plastic, and even silver or brass will produce a new or nostalgic handmade effect that’s hard to resist.