Contemporary jewellery is pure connection

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Contemporary jewellery is pure connection

Interview with Paulo Ribeiro of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects

On the occasion of the webinar organised by HOMI Fashion&Jewels, we interviewed the speaker Paulo Ribeiro, Founder and Director of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects, that since its first year, 2009, has always had the mission of creating an international meeting place for Spanish art jewellery. In this interview he underlines the importance of digital as a complementary element to the event itself and how contemporary jewellery is a real connection between people and arts. And he, an architect lent to jewellery, is a clear and living demonstration of that.



How have you supported designers during this period? 


Joya is not just an event aimed at professionals of the sector as well as the general public, is also a national and international platform that uses media, collaboration with galleries and other events of the sector. For the 2020 and 2021 editions, digital has become essential, with previews, galleries and other important communication materials.



How important has digital become and what investment has been made?


I think digital is important but is not the only way: it's an aspect that complements the physical event. In the near future we will promote the platform in a special way: we will get in touch with several galleries whose artists are usually present at the fair, offering them the opportunity to have a preview on the platform.



Is it necessary to have a personal relationship between creators and the organization?


It is very important to be in constant contact with the selected artists, from the moment they send us the application until the end of the exhibition. We immediately establish a profitable relationship, right from the follow up: we suggest how to present and communicate the brand, the concept, the storytelling and the images. In fact, all of this is essential for the event but also for the image of the brand. In some cases, we even suggest how to improve some of the pieces and we support coaching sessions prior to the event.



In recent years, the jewellery sector has been focusing its attention on the study of design and the use of innovative materials, not necessarily precious ones. What might be the reason behind this shift from fine jewels to contemporary and research jewels?


Joya doesn't work with high jewellery but focuses on contemporary jewellery: I think it's much more stimulating, creative and personal. It is in fact a valid alternative to gold and diamonds and perhaps is even more interesting because it connects people, the artist himself with those who are wearing the piece or collecting it. It creates a particular and unique feeling: contemporary jewellery is not standard, it’s unique, personal and therefore special.



Any next projects?


This year, from September 22 to October 24, 2021, Joya will continue its work with the same format already proposed last year. Individual artists and award winners at the Disseny HUB Barcelona - Schools, galleries and collectives will take place simultaneously at Artesanía Catalunya.


On the other hand, for the last year we have also been working on a project that means a lot to us, for which being able to travel will be key in order to show the exhibition and really meet people. Connections and relationships are fundamental in contemporary jewellery.